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This week on SFR we didn’t interview anyone, but we did talk a lot about the new paranormal reality show “Haunted Collector.”   

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Jason Hawes, an Apology Would be Nice

The other day I wrote an article called “Jason Hawes, How Dare You…” where I criticized a comment Hawes made live on a blogtalk radio show. During this show Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters fame claimed that TAPS is the reason the historical Fort Mifflin is still open. Just to recap what was said, here is an exact quote.

Jason Hawes: “Fort Mifflin, we did multiple events for them that we were able to give them enough money to keep the place open, so that people and investigators were able to go there and spend time and check out this location, this place wouldn’t be open if we hadn’t done that. “

Radio Host: “That’s right, I believe the TAPS home team recently did a fund raising event there at Fort Mifflin, is that correct?”

Jason Hawes: “Yes, absolutely.”

This upset quite a few people, because the effort to save Fort Mifflin cannot be pin pointed to one person or organization. It is open because of numerous donations and charity work done by all sorts of groups, not just paranormal related. In fact Lorraine Irby, office manager at Fort Mifflin made a comment on this subject.

“No one individual, organization, or volunteer can take credit. It has been a collective effort and hard work by so many wonderful people! Fort Mifflin is saying Thank you to all!”

Anyway after Hawes made this comment, Strange Frequencies Radio, the radio show I am a co-host on felt it necessary to go live and talk about this situation. We gave out the studio phone number and invited Jason Hawes to call in and talk about this comment he made. We received phone calls from a lot of individuals but Hawes never called, just as we all knew he wouldn’t. The show can be heard here www.para-help.com/sfrbobby/sfr_jason_hawes.mp3  However we know Hawes listened to the show because today there was a response to it on Jason’s facebook.

“To respond to those who wait for any little comment that you can take and run with in hopes to stir trouble,
It has always been a combined effort to keep these locations available to the public and investigators. Its not all because of “TAPS” it is from everyone including the fans who spend their money on auctions, events, merchandise, etc etc.
“TAPS” has helped raise a lot of money for many locations and charities.
Some of these locations and their management have stated to us and the event companies who hold the events and manage the event,
“We would not be able to keep the doors open if it was not for these events.”
Take that and run with it like you see fit.
If you don’t like me, I am OKAY with this, but if thats the fact then please don’t bother wasting either of our time by coming to this site.
To waste your time by coming to this page to post your negative comments and or attacks, I and many others feel is childish and in poor taste.
Show comes back the 23rd, you don’t like me or it, then just don’t watch.”

Well I would like to say, Jason, this isn’t at all what you said, in fact that sounds very similar to what we’ve been saying. What you said can be heard here http://para-help.com/sfrbobby/jason_hawes_fort.mp3 . If you would have said what you are claiming you said in your article, we never would have said a thing. Also, notice how Jason talks about his show and not to watch it if we do not like him. Well I haven’t watched Ghost Hunter in about 5 years, so that’s not an issue, but I love how you tried to change the subject. No one ever mentioned your show, the topic was about how you or TAPS are not and were never responsible for keeping Fort Mifflin open. Be a man and apologize to the thousands of people you have insulted, many of which were probably your fans. Thank you.

Jason Hawes, How Dare You…

So today at work I received a text message that read “last night on an interview Jason Hawes claimed that TAPS is the reason Fort Mifflin is still open.”  I can’t begin to explain how much this pissed me off, it is no secret I used to be a ghost hunter and Fort Mifflin has always been one of my favorite places to visit, attend and even work events when they are held there.

Now for those who do not know what Fort Mifflin is, here is the brief history of the location found on their website http://fortmifflin.us

“Located on the scenic Delaware River, Fort Mifflin was originally built by the British in 1771. It is the site of the largest bombardment the North American continent has ever witnessed. In 1777, during the American Revolution, a valiant five-week battle took place when the British Navy attacked Fort Mifflin on Mud Island. The British had the garrison of approximately 400 Continental soldiers surrounded from three sides. Attempting to open the supply line for the British Army already in the Rebel capital of Philadelphia, the British shot over 10,000 cannonballs at the Fort, causing the garrison to eventually evacuate. Over 150 Continental soldiers died as a result of the battle and led Thomas Paine to write: “The garrison , with scarce anything to cover them but their bravery, survived in the midst of the mud, shot & shells, and were obliged to give up more to the powers of time & gunpowder than to military superiority.” This allowed General Washington and the Continental Army to repair to their winter quarters in a place called the Valley Forge. Too late in the season for British General Howe to chase them, the garrison at Fort Mifflin thus extended the war and allowed the American army time to regroup until the spring of 1778.

Forever after that known as the “Valiant Defender of the Delaware”, Fort Mifflin was reconstructed in 1798 as one of the coastal defenses of the era. An active military post until the Korean War, this made the Fort one of the longest continually used military posts in the nation up until that time. The Fort has played many roles in the security of our Nation in its 235 years of existence; garrisoned in the War of 1812, a Confederate prison during the Civil War and a munitions depot in World Wars I & II.

The Fort is home to 14 restored historic structures constructed from 1778 to 1875, including an Enlisted Barracks, Officer’s Quarters, Blacksmith Shop and the casemates (or as the students like to call them, the dungeons.) The Fort is situated on the beautiful banks of the Delaware River, where you can eat a picnic lunch and watch the abundant fauna and flora or investigate the ancient moat, which is home to all sorts of aquatic life. Our fully stocked Gift Shop located inside the Fort offers authentic reproduction Revolutionary and Civil War items, as well as a tremendous selection of books and art work.

The Fort also offers a wide variety of programming throughout the year. You’ll find some era in history for you, your family or a friends liking. Our numerous annual events, such as Civil War Garrison days, 4th of July Freedom Blast and the Annual Siege of Fort Mifflin are sure to please everyone. We also allow groups to rent the Fort for parties and company functions; have a kid’s birthday party or your next meeting in our conference room, we even have a full-service kitchen. Thousands of school students visit each year and participate in our education and interpretive programs, tours, weapons demonstrations and their favorite, the firing of our cannon.
Fort Mifflin is one of the most unique historic sites in the country and it’s just outside downtown Philadelphia. So why not become a member and join the fun and excitement at the “Fort That Saved America.

 One of my best friends and co-host on Strange Frequencies Radio Robyn McKinney has put many hours, blood, sweat and tears into saving this location, along with numerous other individuals I can’t begin to name.  People, who have never asked for accolade or recognition, have done more to save this amazing location then Jason Hawes or TAPS ever has.  Before I go on to make it sound like I am taking something on word of mouth, I downloaded this interview and this is exactly what Hawes said:

 Jason Hawes:  “Fort Mifflin, we did multiple events for them that we were able to give them enough money to keep the place open, so that people and investigators were able to go there and spend time and check out this location, this place wouldn’t be open if we hadn’t done that.   “ 

 Radio Host: “That’s right, I believe the TAPS home team recently did a fund raising event there at Fort Mifflin, is that correct?”

 Jason Hawes: “Yes, absolutely.”

 Excuse me, a TAPS home team charity event?  No it was a Para event which was again held by Robyn McKinney.  TAPS home team participated in the event but they were invited to come, it wasn’t their event.  The Radio host should really get her facts straight, before commenting on things that are incorrect, same with Jason Hawes. 

I do know something that Jason Hawes may not know.  It is the public’s right to know how much money was donated to a charity.  So for instance in 2008 you sold out an event at Fort Mifflin, which was over 150 people, tickets were $250 a piece so ticket sales alone $37,500, this doesn’t include the killing that was made off of merchandise.  For a man who claims to be the reason for keeping Fort Mifflin open, you sure didn’t donate that much, a mere $4,000.  Now I can’t speak for Fort Mifflin, I am sure they are very grateful for that donation, but as far as you being the ones who kept the Fort alive and open…not so much.     Para donated 4x ($16,000) as much in 2 events then what TAPS did in a 2 day event, that’s a fact.  And I am please to say none of them are arrogant enough to preach about it on a radio show.  It isn’t and has never been about reward and praise, charity to the Fort and their community is rewarding enough. 

 Jason Hawes not only are you a very arrogant person you are also very ignorant and highly insulting to the many people and/or groups that have donated their precious time and all their earnings to help the cause.  It’s very easy to give a dollar if you get to keep 2, you should know a little about that.

 There is so much more I want to say, but I had to write it so fast here at work.  Thank you to all the people who have helped keep Fort Mifflin open, especially to Robyn McKinney and PARA.  Remember the Fort isnt off life support like Jason Hawes makes it sound and the only reason it is still open is because of the numerous donations many people have made, not just TAPS.  So please Help save the Fort that helped save America, by donating anything to link above.

A Dead Ringer

One of my favorite things to do when bringing in the new year is watch the Twilight Zone marathon that plays on SyFy every year.  This year two episodes caught my attention more than the others.  The first one which aired in 1961 was titled “Long Distance Call” and the second one was called “Night Call” and it aired in 1964. 

Long Distance Call synopsis

In this episode we see a 5 year old child named Billy Bayles who is having a very nice birthday party with his parents and grandmother.  When Billy opens his presents he receives a toy telephone from his grandmother.  The grandmother explains to Billy that she doesn’t have much time left and when she is gone all Billy has to do is pick up the phone and they will be able to talk anytime he wants.  Well just as grandma predicts, she passes away soon after Billy’s birthday bash.  A few weeks have passed and Billy’s mother overhears Billy having an interesting conversation on his “toy” telephone.  When Billy is asked who he is talking to, he simply replies “grandma”.  Well come to find out, somehow grandma has been contacting Billy through this “toy” telephone and she is trying to convince her beloved grandson to commit suicide so he may join her in the afterlife.  Billy almost successful in one of his attempts is quickly resuscitated after a heartfelt plea given by the boy’s father to his deceased mother, Billy’s grandmother.    

Night Call synopsis

An old woman by the name of Elva Keene starts receiving anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night.  Freaked out by this she has the operator trace the phone calls.  Again she receives an anonymous phone call and Elva demands the person to speak in which a creepy male voice is heard saying “Hello? Where are you? I want to talk to you.”  Terrified Elva screams at the person to leave her along and hangs up the phone.   Again Elva contacts the operator who says that cause of the mysterious phone calls is from a fallen power line in the cemetery.  Elva has her housekeeper take her to visit the cemetery only to find that the fallen power line is lying over the grave of her dead fiancé.  Elva explains to her housekeeper that when she was younger she was very adamant in getting what she wanted; her fiancé Brian Douglas always did what she wanted.  A short time before they were to be married Elva wanted to drive somewhere when she lost control of the car, resulting in Brian’s death and Elva being crippled.  Once Elva realized that it was her lost love Brian contacting her, this gave her peace and Elva is excited because she no longer has to be lonely.  When Elva returns home she picks up the phone and explains to Brian what happened and begs for him to talk.  After a few moments Brian finally answers telling Elva that she told him to leave her alone and he always does what she says.  Elva begs for Brian to come back but the line goes dead.

So what these two episodes have in common are these phantom phone calls from beyond the grave.  Lately I have been seeing more of these stories surface in the paranormal community.  My question is where did these stories originate?  It is obvious the story has been around since the early 60’s being that the Twilight Zone has made wonderful works of fiction out of them.

 I know that there is an urban legend that is very similar to these stories in which a woman is found dead with a frightened look on her face and in her hand she is holding her telephone.  When the family goes to entomb her body with her husband they find the phone in the crypt off the hook.     

According to snopes (urban legend website) this tale originates from the fear of being buried alive.  In the 18th and 19th century a bunch of different devices would be placed on the gravesite such as bells, buzzers and flags.  They would be used to get the attention of people in case the one in the grave should happen to wake up. 

Again the story above is just an urban legend but like all great urban legends it is very fascinating to watch the tale grow over time.   The story starts off with the dead sending messages using the telephone.  Then there were stories of the dead leaving messages on answering machines.  Now the dead send messages with cell phones, text messages, instant messages and email.  As communication technology grows, so does the story.

I would like to mention that I have read the story of Charles Peck and I don’t find it the least bit convincing that the dead make phone calls to the living.  In fact I would like to state I haven’t found any evidence that the dead can make contact with the living at all, nor that anything exists after death. 

But anyway the story goes like this: On September 12th 2008 at approximately 4:22 P.M. a train carrying 225 passengers crashed at a collective speed of 83 mph with a freight train.  This happened in San Fernado Valley in California and has been dubbed the Chatsworth crash.  135 people were injured, 85 were hospitalized and 25 died. 

One of the men who had died in the crash was a man named Charles Peck.  Now this is where I start getting mixed information, one story says Peck was on his way to meet his fiancé, others say he was going to a job interview, others say his fiancé was picking him up from the train station along with his family and siblings.

Peck was found 12 hours after the crash and coroners said he died on impact; however in other stories I have read, they also said his age was 58 which they later corrected to 49.  So if this is true perhaps it’s possible he didn’t die on impact, I don’t know I am not in a position to make that call.  Anyway for the first 11 hours Charles Peck made some phone calls to his loved ones which included his son, his fiancé, his step mother and his sister.  Yet every time they answered the phone all the heard was static, when they called him back it went right to voicemail. 

Supposedly the way Police found his body was by tracing his cell phone signal, but to make the story more eerie; Peck’s cell phone was never found.    

So in the case of Charles Peck, I have no real evidence that the story is true (the cell phone part at least), I don’t even have a creditable story to go off of, but just going on what I have read, the phone calls his loved ones received never reported talking from Charles, just static.  To me this says Charles wasn’t calling and that there was something wrong with the cell phone.  I know if anyone of my friends or family members call me and there is static, I am not going to assume that there is ghostly interference; I am going to assume that there phone is messed up.   Also when Mr. Peck’s family members called back the phone went straight to voicemail…Ok, I failed to see how this means paranormal, but apparently it is important info to this story. 

However before someone says “well explain how his cell phone made phone calls after he was dead?”  Well could you please explain to me how a dead person makes phone calls?  Or how his spirit or ghost knew how to use the phone but didn’t know how to speak on the other end?  Please refrain from using the argument from ignorance, which would be something like “well since you can’t explain how his cell phone made those phone calls after he was dead, it must have been his ghost.”   Thanks for reading.