Video Shot for “Exorcist” Brother Carlos Oliveira’s Documentary “REAL-TIME PARANORMAL”

I was asked by Brother Carlos to film a 5 minute segment on my personal feelings of demonic possession.  If anyone is interested in watching the clip here it is:


My Interview and Psychic Reading on ParaChallenged Radio

Recently I was a guest on ParaChallenged Radio with hosts Brian Easterwood and Kathy Barts.  I had a lovely time talking about the importance of skepticism, what to watch out for in psychic readings and even got a psychic reading of my own by self proclaimed psychic medium, Angel Garcia (which you will have to listen to in order to see the results).

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My Interview on Mind Cemetery

On 6/6/11 I was a guest on Mind Cemetery Radio with hosts Chip and Nicole Plescher.  Here is an overview Nicole wrote about the show.

“We had an AWESOME time with Bobby Nelson last time… well, I did!  Chip’s world got rocked up a little bit.  I ❤ Skeptic month!  In honor of skeptical month, pay homage to skeptical hippo  🙂  

Anyway, Bobby is what I would consider to be a good guy skeptic.  After last night’s discussion, I admire him almost as much as admire Penn after his skepticism letter.  It was a fun show.  Listen in below!

Bobby’s biggest complaint about the paranormal community is when people bastardize science into fitting their needs.  He co-hosts Strange Frequencies Radio, which airs on Sundays from 3-6PM EST.  He also has an awesome blog called Pork Rhine and he is the founder and contributor of Bent Spoon Magazine which is smart, insightful, and amazing.  Check out Bent Spoon if you have a minute… it really appeals to believers and non-believers alike.”

I must admit, this was one of my favorite shows I have ever been on.

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Interview with Professor Mark Alford – Quantum Physics and the Paranormal

On Sunday 6/5/11 I was privileged to speak with Professor Mark Alford about quantum physics and the paranormal. If you’re like us, you’ve heard weird, spooky sounding connections between ghosts, psychic powers, and even consciousness itself all tied to the behavior of subatomic particles. Not only is the evidence for any of the perceived paranormal phenomenon lacking, but the supposed relation to quantum realities is irresponsible.  Mark Alford, professor of physics at Washington University at St. Louis whose main research topic is in high density quark matter. You can find out more information by checking out:

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The Bent Spoon – We’re Still Here – ISSUE 2!



Interview with Dr. Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku

Jason and I were able to book an interview with Dr. Michio Kaku. Aside from having the coolest hair in the universe, Dr. Kaku is a theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and popularizer of science. His television program, “Sci Fi Science,” airs on the Science Channel and brings to life some of the concepts touched upon in his New York Times best-selling book “Physics of the Impossible.” His newest book, out now, is “Physics of the Future,” and takes a look at the technology that will be available in the year 2100. For more information about Dr. Kaku, please visit his website at WWW.MKAKU.ORG

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Sad News For S.E.T.I.

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence or S.E.T.I. has sadly announced that due to government cut backs, it has to put the search on hold, due to the lack of funding.   The 42 dish radio telescope that is located in California will be put into hibernation where maintenance will be performed, but observations will not be made.

Coming Soon…The Bent Spoon

In the landscape of paranormal media, there are traditionally two unique, yet separate, brands.  One geared toward the believers, and the other more skeptical in nature.  The problem is that the true believers rarely, if ever, embrace a skeptical attitude or ask tough questions of their community; instead preferring to surround themselves with likeminded individuals that reinforce their own belief systems.  And the skeptics, likewise, promote science and critical thinking largely to those already open to it, or who are active participants in the skeptical community.  This results in an echo chamber effect, wherein the same ideas are bounced back and forth, guru-student relationships are inadvertently created, and neither side ends up learning much about the other.

Enter:  The Bent Spoon.

The Bent Spoon is a skeptical magazine for the true believer.  Within its pages you will find Q&A between those with opposing viewpoints, interviews with leading investigators and thinkers, as well as articles which will not only provide in-depth analysis, but also be critical of both believers and skeptics alike.  Along with reviews, comic strips, and other lighter fare, The Bent Spoon hopes to foster an attitude of outreach, forming a middle ground where believers and skeptics can come together and have a conversation about the issues and questions we’ve all given thought to.

The Bent Spoon.  Where extraordinary claims meet ordinary explanations.

This is the Skeptical magazine for the True Believers! 

If you are interested in subscribing to this free online magazine, just send an email to with the word “subscribe” in the subject line.  Thank you.


You can download a copy of The Bent Spoon for free

Astrophysics with Professor Dan Hooper

On Strange Frequencies Radio Jason Korbus and I spoke to Professor Dan Hooper.  Professor Hooper is an Associate Scientist in the Theoretical Astrophysics Group at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago.  His research focuses on the interface between particle physics and cosmology.  He is the author of the books “Dark Cosmos: In Search of Our Universe’s Missing Mass and Energy” and “Nature’s Blueprint: Supersymmetry and the Search for a Unified Theory of Matter and Force.” You can find him online via the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics website at HTTP://KICP.UCHICAGO.EDU

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Interview with sociologist Dr. Christopher Bader

In this interview Jason Korbus and I speak to Dr. Christopher Bader. Bader is a professor of Sociology at Baylor University, specializing in the sociology of religion, criminology, and deviant behavior. He, along with colleagues F. Carson Mencken and Joseph O. Baker are the authors of “Paranormal America,” which claims to provide the “definitive portrait of Americans who believe in or have experienced” paranormal phenomena. You can find out more information by visiting online at: WWW.PARANORMALAMERICABOOK.COM

This was a very fascinating interview.  To download or listen to this interview go to: (to download right click and save as.)