Jason Hawes, an Apology Would be Nice

The other day I wrote an article called “Jason Hawes, How Dare You…” where I criticized a comment Hawes made live on a blogtalk radio show. During this show Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters fame claimed that TAPS is the reason the historical Fort Mifflin is still open. Just to recap what was said, here is an exact quote.

Jason Hawes: “Fort Mifflin, we did multiple events for them that we were able to give them enough money to keep the place open, so that people and investigators were able to go there and spend time and check out this location, this place wouldn’t be open if we hadn’t done that. “

Radio Host: “That’s right, I believe the TAPS home team recently did a fund raising event there at Fort Mifflin, is that correct?”

Jason Hawes: “Yes, absolutely.”

This upset quite a few people, because the effort to save Fort Mifflin cannot be pin pointed to one person or organization. It is open because of numerous donations and charity work done by all sorts of groups, not just paranormal related. In fact Lorraine Irby, office manager at Fort Mifflin made a comment on this subject.

“No one individual, organization, or volunteer can take credit. It has been a collective effort and hard work by so many wonderful people! Fort Mifflin is saying Thank you to all!”

Anyway after Hawes made this comment, Strange Frequencies Radio, the radio show I am a co-host on felt it necessary to go live and talk about this situation. We gave out the studio phone number and invited Jason Hawes to call in and talk about this comment he made. We received phone calls from a lot of individuals but Hawes never called, just as we all knew he wouldn’t. The show can be heard here www.para-help.com/sfrbobby/sfr_jason_hawes.mp3  However we know Hawes listened to the show because today there was a response to it on Jason’s facebook.

“To respond to those who wait for any little comment that you can take and run with in hopes to stir trouble,
It has always been a combined effort to keep these locations available to the public and investigators. Its not all because of “TAPS” it is from everyone including the fans who spend their money on auctions, events, merchandise, etc etc.
“TAPS” has helped raise a lot of money for many locations and charities.
Some of these locations and their management have stated to us and the event companies who hold the events and manage the event,
“We would not be able to keep the doors open if it was not for these events.”
Take that and run with it like you see fit.
If you don’t like me, I am OKAY with this, but if thats the fact then please don’t bother wasting either of our time by coming to this site.
To waste your time by coming to this page to post your negative comments and or attacks, I and many others feel is childish and in poor taste.
Show comes back the 23rd, you don’t like me or it, then just don’t watch.”

Well I would like to say, Jason, this isn’t at all what you said, in fact that sounds very similar to what we’ve been saying. What you said can be heard here http://para-help.com/sfrbobby/jason_hawes_fort.mp3 . If you would have said what you are claiming you said in your article, we never would have said a thing. Also, notice how Jason talks about his show and not to watch it if we do not like him. Well I haven’t watched Ghost Hunter in about 5 years, so that’s not an issue, but I love how you tried to change the subject. No one ever mentioned your show, the topic was about how you or TAPS are not and were never responsible for keeping Fort Mifflin open. Be a man and apologize to the thousands of people you have insulted, many of which were probably your fans. Thank you.