My Interview and Psychic Reading on ParaChallenged Radio

Recently I was a guest on ParaChallenged Radio with hosts Brian Easterwood and Kathy Barts.  I had a lovely time talking about the importance of skepticism, what to watch out for in psychic readings and even got a psychic reading of my own by self proclaimed psychic medium, Angel Garcia (which you will have to listen to in order to see the results).

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Photo from Tutbury Castle

“This is NOT a fake; this photo was taken by the press, when Yvette Fielding from MH came back to Tutbury Castle about 4 years ago.  Only when I was looking at the photo closely I noticed a lady’s ghostly face in the picture on the wall.  It was compared to the other person that was in the room when the photo was taken.  I was filming on the other side of the room.”

I am always interested in the “This is NOT a fake” photograph and video’s when dealing with the paranormal.  The funny thing is, most of the time they are obvious fakes but not all the time.  The rest are usually people who just misinterpret what they are seeing or people who fall victim to Pareidolia, the psychological phenomena where one makes a recognizable pattern out of nothing.

The classic argument from ignorance came through strong in further description of the photo.  “This has been confirmed, by Tutbury Castle it’s not a member of staff.”  So basically what is being said here is, it is not a member of the staff therefore it must be a ghost.  I also have some other problems with this assessment.  It seems that there is a discussion whether or not this reflection “spirit” on the glass of the picture frame is even a female.  The original poster claims it is a woman, but other people are saying they can see mustache and a goatee.  So if people can’t definitively say or generally agree whether or not this is male or female, how could the staff members at the castle positively identify whether or not this person was indeed part of the staff?  Furthermore, let’s just say that we could tell the sex of the person in the image and staff members could positively say no one matches that description working at the castle, that still doesn’t equate ghost.  Also this photo wasn’t discovered till over a year after it was taken, so how can we be so sure it doesn’t match the description of an ex-employee?    Also in these reflective ghost photos, why is it that the ghost is always miniature?  That is something I personally have never understood. 

Just something fun I thought I would share.  Thanks for reading.

Interview with sociologist Dr. Christopher Bader

In this interview Jason Korbus and I speak to Dr. Christopher Bader. Bader is a professor of Sociology at Baylor University, specializing in the sociology of religion, criminology, and deviant behavior. He, along with colleagues F. Carson Mencken and Joseph O. Baker are the authors of “Paranormal America,” which claims to provide the “definitive portrait of Americans who believe in or have experienced” paranormal phenomena. You can find out more information by visiting online at: WWW.PARANORMALAMERICABOOK.COM

This was a very fascinating interview.  To download or listen to this interview go to: (to download right click and save as.)

Pareidolia Trots Through Egypt 

So today an interesting (well not really) video was brought to my attention. The video was taken during a riot in Egypt. Supposedly during this video the image of a horse can be seen riding through the crowd. Now that doesn’t seem strange at all, right? Well according to many people, most with no sense of reasoning seem to believe that this is one of two things, 1. A ghostly horse or 2. One of the four horsemen which is found in the book of Revelation.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. – Revelation 6:8
I tend to agree with number 2, looks like it is the start of the end of the world…I always knew this was inevitable…no I am kidding.

It is almost amazing at some of the responses I have seen in regards to this video.

“Just shows the reptillian horseman vibrating at a differnt frequency.
The reptillians are behind the uprising, they have started to cause the problems so there can be chaos. After which when everone is confuced they will come in for the kill and eat everyone.”

“definitely a white horse ridden by an Indian.”

“its the first of the four horsemen… war or conquest… he seems to be pretty effective in causing conflict…”

“The still shots DO look like a horse and rider but the movement of the image looks sooo unnatural and more superimposed. Did any horse and rider get killed in the riots??”

“I think it might be a hologram.”

“As to why the rider is backwards…at President Kennedy’s funeral procession there was a riderless horse with a boot put in the stirrup backwards to symbolize that the rider was dead. The rider of this “pale horse” could therefore symbolize Death.?”

These comments go on and on, I am sure you get the point.

The anomaly in this video is interesting and after I was told I was supposed to see a horse, magically I saw a horse. But is this anomaly really and supernatural rider on a horse that disappears after a few “trots?” No, what people are experiencing is something called pareidolia. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomena where one takes a vague image or sound and turns it into something of value. Classic examples of pareidolia would be seeing the face on mars, seeing Jesus and/or the virgin Mary on pieces of toast or seeing a ghost horse riding through a riot in Egypt.

What we are really seeing here is an obvious glare on the lens of the camera. If you watch the video there are two other glares that follow the same pattern. Let’s think logically just for a second, if it’s the coming of the pale horse or whatever, why is it no one in the crowd noticed this amazing omen? Doesn’t make much sense does it? However some people can not be reasoned with, especially when someone tells you “God put it there for only the people watching on video to see.”

Anyway, thanks for reading Pork Rhine.