Video Shot for “Exorcist” Brother Carlos Oliveira’s Documentary “REAL-TIME PARANORMAL”

I was asked by Brother Carlos to film a 5 minute segment on my personal feelings of demonic possession.  If anyone is interested in watching the clip here it is:


What Will Camping Say May 22nd?

So with the rapture right around the corner (according to Harold Camping) I thought it would be fun to play a little game.  When people call in to Camping’s radio program “Open Forum” he has a lot of people that ask “what are you going to do on May 22nd?”  I think this is a fair question, however Camping always says the same dull boring answer “I am not going to even entertain the thought, the rapture will happen on May 21st.”

So what is Camping going to say?  Well I have a few predictions.

Camping preaches 2 things frequently on his program.  “Cry mightily unto God” and he talks about how God was going to destroy the Ninevites in the book of Jonah.  However in the book of Jonah God spared Nineveh after the Ninevites cried mightily unto God.

This is going to be what Harold is going to say about us in the present times.  It will probably be something similar to this: “Oh most wonderful God has spared us from destruction after hearing our pleas.  Just like he did to the Ninevites, praise God for his excellence and mercy.”

Camping may go the route of the Jehovah witness and say Jesus is here except he is invisible.

We may hear something to the effect of “the Bible is a very complex thing and we must have overlooked something.”

 And my last prediction sounds a little like number one, Camping may say “Oh God has spared us Judgement day.  Most merciful God has left the day of salvation open for us, be thankful for this everyone.  I was not wrong about May 21st, the Bible guaranteed it, not me, I am just a humble servant.  But our little peanut brains can’t understand the mind of God, just be glad salvation is still available to us because the world is still going to end October 21st, 2011.

What we are not going to hear on May 22nd is Harold admitting that he was wrong.  For Harold to admit he is wrong would make him a false prophet by his own belief system and that won’t happen…I GUARANTEE IT!  Camping honestly believes his is some sort of prophet from God, like a modern day Noah or Jonah.  I don’t think he has any malicious intent for making this May 21st claim, I honestly believe he really thinks it is going to happen in 2 days.  Personally, I just want to see how he is going to weasel out of it.  He is also working with something more valuable to him than any amount of money and probably the biggest reason he will not admit he was wrong.  It is Harold Camping’s very own pride…one of the seven deadly sins…GASP!

Interview with Gunther vonHarringa about Judgment Day on May 21, 2011

On Sunday May 1st, 2011 (20 days left!) we discussed the end of the world. May 21, 2011. You’ve probably seen the billboards around your town, or maybe you’ve heard about it on television, radio, or read about it online. So, what exactly is all the fuss about, and how and why does Harold Camping and Family Radio believe and promote this idea? We’ll ask our guest, Gunther vonHarringa, who is described by Family Radio as a capable and experienced teacher who is familiar with the warning of May 21 and has given several interviews on the topic. For more information, please visit WWW.FAMILYRADIO.COM

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Calling Joe Nickell, Calling Joe Nickell – Film Claims to Have Found 2 Nails Used to Crucify Jesus.

I smell crap!  The article below is suggesting that the nails that were used to crucify Jesus Christ were found.  This isn’t anything new, Christian relics have been collected and presented as authentic for the last 2,000 years.  Everything from the crown of thorns, the chalice used in the last supper, pieces from the cross, the shroud of Turin and the nails from the cross, have been found numerous times.  One of my favorite quotes says “It has often been said that if all the relics of the True Cross were brought together, there would be enough wood to build Noah’s Ark.”   

 I would love to see Joe Nickell tackle this project.

 Article By Ari Rabinovitch, Reuters

JERUSALEM – Could two of the nails used to crucify Jesus have been discovered in a 2,000-year-old tomb in Jerusalem?

And could they have mysteriously disappeared for 20 years, only to turn up by chance in a Tel Aviv laboratory?

That is the premise of the new documentary film “The Nails of the Cross” by veteran investigator Simcha Jacobovici, which even before its release has prompted debate in the Holy Land.

The film follows three years of research during which Jacobovici presents his assertions — some based on empirical data, others requiring much imagination and a leap of faith.

He hails the find as historic, but most experts and scholars contacted by Reuters dismissed his case as far-fetched, some calling it a publicity stunt.

Many ancient relics, including other nails supposedly traced back to the crucifixion, have been presented over the centuries as having a connection to Jesus. Many were deemed phony, while others were embraced as holy.

Jacobovici, who sparked debate with a previous film that claimed to reveal the lost tomb of Jesus, says this find differs from others because of its historical and archaeological context.

“What we are bringing to the world is the best archaeological argument ever made that two of the nails from the crucifixion of Jesus have been found,” he said in an interview, wearing his trademark traditional knitted cap.

“Do I know 100 percent yes, these are them? I don’t.”


The film begins by revisiting an ancient Jerusalem grave discovered in 1990 which was hailed by many at the time as the burial place of the Jewish high priest Caiaphas, who in the New Testament presides over the trial of Jesus.

The grave, along with a number of ossuaries, or bone boxes, was uncovered during construction work on a hillside a few kilometers south of the Old City. It has since been resealed.

Caiaphas is a major figure in the Gospels, having sent Jesus to the Romans and on to his death, and one of Jacobovici’s assertions is that the high priest was not such a bad guy.

Two iron nails were found in the tomb, one on the ground and one actually inside an ossuary, and, according to the film, mysteriously disappeared shortly after. Jacobovici says he tracked them down to a laboratory in Tel Aviv of an anthropologist who is an expert on ancient bones.

And if they are indeed the same nails — eaten away by rust and bent at the end, almost purposefully — was their disappearance a conspiracy or a logistical slip-up?

No definite answer is offered.

Either way, Jacobovici shows why those nails could have been used in a crucifixion, which was a common practice two thousand years ago. He then offers his theory about why they may have been used in the most famous crucifixion in history.

“If you look at the whole story, historical, textual, archaeological, they all seem to point at these two nails being involved in a crucifixion,” he said. “And since Caiaphas is only associated with Jesus’s crucifixion, you put two and two together and they seem to imply that these are the nails.”

The Israel Antiquities Authority, which oversaw the Jerusalem excavation, said in reaction to the film’s release that it had never been proven beyond doubt that the tomb was the burial place of Caiaphas. It also said that nails are commonly found in tombs.

“There is no doubt that the talented director Simcha Jacobovici created an interesting film with a real archaeological find at its center, but the interpretation presented in it has no basis in archaeological findings or research,” it said.

The Great Paranormal Debate

Last night I was a guest on PSI-FI Talk Radio.  The name of the show was titled “The Great Paranormal Debate” with me taking the side of the skeptic.  I was up against clairsentient KD Foreman of California Paranormal Private Investigations (CPPI) and we went through a load of topics all paranormal related.  If anyone is interested in listening you will find the download below.

Direct Download Link (Right Click and Save Target As):

Interview with Conspiracy Theorist Sherry Shriner

Here is an interview with conspiracy theorist Sherry Shriner, hope you enjoy. 

Sherry Shriner

Sherry Shriner

Sherry first I would like to thank you for taking time out to answer a few questions here on Pork Rhine.

 Shall we get started?

Bobby Nelson: Sherry this isn’t the first time you and I have been engaged in conversation, but for the readers can you tell us about yourself, your message and what you aim to achieve?

Sherry Shriner: I was stood up by the Lord to be His mouthpiece on earth over 10 years ago ( ). Since then I’ve written two books, put up multiple websites and have 2 radio shows (  to reveal the truths He gives me to reveal. He has led me into deciphering Bible Codes ( ) and the Alien Agenda aspect of the NWO ( )  and how to fight against them and sabotage their plans through an ancient energy we call Orgone. This dimensional ether energy is also known as the 5th element and will destroy wicked and evil beings (aliens) …it even crashes their UFOs. I have a website on it at .

 I am here to wake up an army and lead them into personal protection and even combat against Satan and his forces and strongholds in these last days. , 

Bobby Nelson: The last time we spoke by phone on Strange Frequencies Radio we discussed the sudden death of birds, fish and cattle.  You quoted scripture from Hosea 4:3 Because of this the land dries up, and all who live in it waste away; the beasts of the field, the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea are swept away.  Why is it easier for you to assume these incidents to be apocalyptic instead of having a natural cause?

Sherry Shriner: Mankind, and even Satan himself, have always just been tools of the Lord’s Himself to fulfill His aims and goals on earth.  All of the events happening today, even the NWO, were foretold thousands of years ago through the Biblical prophets. There isn’t anything that happens here that isn’t allowed or guided by the Most High Himself.  Satan does a lot of wicked things here on earth, as does man, and the Most High allows it to test mankind. Everything follows a pre-determined path, we aren’t left in the dark as to what Satan’s plans are here on earth. It is our choice, however, as to whose side we are on, God’s or Satan’s.

Those who don’t take a decisive stand belong to Satan’s side on default. The devil claims them since God w rejects them as His. If you don’t make a commitment to belong to the Most High, He will reject you.

Bobby Nelson: This is in reference to the last question.  You know mass death in animals is rare but it does happen, for instance, 60,000 ducks suddenly died in the Baltic Sea in 1976, 1,000 Shearwater birds were found dead in the Bahamas in 2007 and in 2006 thousands of sea turtles were found floating dead in El Salvatore.   Why were these events not considered apocalyptic? 

Sherry Shriner: I think the mass global deaths happening all within the same time frame is what has sparked so much interest and fear as to the wonder of what’s going on. The internet wasn’t a communication medium in 1976 and the deaths of ocean life the past few years we’re easily blown off by science with whatever excuses they gave. It’s harder for them to control information now, especially on a wider scale, when so many people are aware and waking up to their plans to implement a NWO using famine and the control of food and water to try and force people submit to it. The Alien plan for a NWO is based on ‘cleansing’ the earth…and that’s the eventual elimination of all LIFE.

Bobby Nelson: Also wouldn’t you think that if these animal deaths were prophetic in nature the numbers would be larger and not so localized? I mean 200 cows on one farm isn’t that terrifying, nor is 5000 birds in Arkansas.

Sherry Shriner: Well put that with all the other deaths springing up everywhere in the same time frame and people have a reason to panic and wonder what’s going on…

and it’s part of  what they would refer to as collateral damage..they test their chemical weapons on them…and/or their deaths are the result of Planet X coming in and changing the earth’s magnetosphere…there’s more than one reason…as always..for everything they do and allow to happen, or simply can’t even prevent. There’s several factions fighting for control over this NWO…so you’re going to see multiple events and disasters started by one faction, and then others started by other factions…and then there’s things none of the factions can control, such as earth changes and the affects of incoming planets and other objects toward earth.

Bobby Nelson: Let’s move on to a different topic, you have a term you use for certain people in places of power, you call them lizards.  Can you explain exactly what a lizard is? 

Sherry Shriner: A lizard is a reptilian, a snake…Nahash is also a term used in Hebrew to describe this ‘snake’. Our ancient history begins with such a snake in the Garden of Eden who seduced Eve…. ( )

Satan is a lizard…a dragon…he shifts in various does those who serve him behind the scenes to control this world through governments and their military’s.  Today, many of our world leaders have been possessed and are controlled by these Reptilians who inhabit, possess, and control their human bodies. Shape-shifting, also known as morphing, is becoming more and more noticeable because people are waking up and catching these creatures lose their human forms and shift on TV itself.

Bobby Nelson: How do these lizards get to earth and how do they acquire such high ranking positions of power?

Sherry Shriner: For the most part they never left earth. They inhabit the earth via underground cities and DUMBS our governments build for them.  They also have star ships and inhabit moons, planets, and star systems in space. “UFOs” are their means of travel back and forth to and and from earth.

Bobby Nelson: Why is it that people perceive events one way and certain people like you see something totally different?  What I mean is when I hear about the JKF assassination I think Oswald did the shooting, you think it was the driver of Kennedy’s car.  I see the WTC buildings fall due to the airplane explosions and the fire weakening the steel, you see that it was a demolition with explosives.  I see President Obama, Jay-Z and other “famous” individuals as human, you see them as lizards.  I see what I think to be flares in the sky and you see fallen angels.  Why is this?

Sherry Shriner: Some people are just more open to search for what the truth really is…people who buy and believe the government sponsored lies and media without questioning them have their eyes and ears closed to what truth is. They don’t want to believe they are lied to on a constant basis.  You don’t want to go against the ‘norm’  because you’re comfortable with what that is.  When you learn and see for yourself what and who controls our governments and media, you would see the lies coming from a 1,000 miles every time they open their mouths.

Bobby Nelson: I know you think certain people of power are after you; however they can’t touch you because you are protected by the Christian God.  What makes you believe that the God of the Bible is the Supreme Being and it’s not the god of some other religion?  The argument because my Bible says so, can’t be used because other religious texts say the same thing about their god.

Sherry Shriner: It all goes back to Genesis 3:15 when the Most High pronounced judgment on Lucifer for his sin in the garden of Eden. Mankind would have to be redeemed…and Lucifer knew this…he created religions everywhere over the following years to try and mimic and sabotage God’s plans to redeem mankind so that when He did through His Son Yahushua, mankind wouldn’t believe it or recognize it for what it was or who HE was. There is only one Savior of Mankind, there is only one empty grave.

Bobby Nelson: A question back I brought up that I see flares in the sky and you see fallen angels.  Can you talk about how you believe UFO’s to be fallen angles?  Also what is the difference between a Reptoid or Reptillian and a Lizard and are they associated with these fallen angels?

Sherry Shriner: Orgone crashes UFOs…Wilhelm Reich was the first to discover this and we perfected it. A lot of his work was destroyed by the government but copies of it can be purchased through the Wilhelm Reich museum. President Eisenhower befriended Reich and asked him to develop a weapon that could combat the increasing alien threat back then…Eisenhower wanted to fight against the aliens..but then the aliens befriended him and made treaties with him. At that point, Eisenhower no longer had a use for Reich, and this is when the government began to harass him, throw him in prison on trumped up charges and destroyed all his work. Orgone is also a healing energy and Reich was able to heal people through his orgone generator box…and our government wanted to stop and destroy that as well. They’re not in the healing business, there’s no money to be made if people are healthy compared to the $ billions that are made when they are dependent on pharmaceuticals and medical care.

Bobby Nelson: Now I know you do have a way if taking care of these creatures, you have talked in detail about Orgone blasters, what exactly is an Orgone blaster and what does it do?

Sherry Shriner: An Orgone blaster is comprised of 4 ingredients, fiberglass resin, copper coil, crystals and aluminum shavings. It creates a piezoelectric energy that produces this ancient ether energy, a living life force energy, also known as the 5th Element. This energy saturates the atmosphere, space, and even saturates other dimensions. With the Orgone being a living life force energy, the ‘dead’ (demons) can’t stand it..the fallen can’t stand it…it burns them and they can’t breathe around it. According to the Bible Codes it is a very apocalyptical weapon in these last days as a defense and protection for people against alien and demonic beings.

We have also found that our Orgone will dissolve chemtrails and not allow them to stick in Orgone saturated areas. It also defends against ELF attacks and even can defend against weather disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes…they hit Orgoned areas and switch directions!  It has 100 different uses, prevents night terrors, alien abductions and many other things as listed at

Bobby Nelson: Is this Orgone water toxic to humans?

Sherry Shriner: No not at all. It’s almost the same, if not the same, as Holy Water. Spray orgoned water on evil beings and it will burn them!! It’s like an acid to them.

Bobby Nelson: Do you have any empirical evidence of these things such as lizards and that Orgone water works to kill them or is this all subjective?

Sherry Shriner: Well you can’t bring the 4th dimension into our dimension (yet)..but those who can see and hear into the 4th dimension and even astral dimensions can confirm the power of Orgone.  It does everything I say it does and as revealed in the Bible Codes.

In our dimension, if you wear an Orgone pendant in public places you’ll immediately notice the stares and disdain from others because you are wearing it. People who are possessed by demons or soul scalped by the lizards and are near Orgone will break out in hives and boils, and become agitated and angry by the presence of this Orgone. I’ve heard from people whose neighbors moved out of their neighborhoods immediately after they had placed orgone around their properties. You’ll see people become very hot and agitated when Orgone is around, such as Benny Hinn and Obama… hot flashes, agitated, loosening their ties, becoming angry, are typical characteristics of how they react.

Bobby Nelson: Last time we spoke by phone, we talked about an adventure I would love to partake in with you, which was going to Lima, Ohio where you discovered a base when giants are housed.  I am curious as to how you found out about this base and how you know giants are living there?

Sherry Shriner: I saw that Lima, Ohio kept coming up in the Bible Codes and so I did further research on it which was then confirmed to me by a friend who knew of this base and was able to give me a general description of where it was.

Bobby Nelson: What do you plan to do once you get to Lima?

Sherry Shriner: Saturate it with Orgone Blasters and other Orgone devices that we have. They can’t survive or thrive in Orgoned areas.

Bobby Nelson: Well Sherry, again I would like to thank you for your time and I hope to talk to you again soon.

Sherry Shriner: You’re very welcome.

Another “Weeping” Virgin Mary

A few hours away over in Reading, Ohio, many are claiming that a weeping Virgin Mary statue is housed at a small local religious library.  It is claimed that both believers and non believers have witnessed this statue crying. 

Many are claiming this to be a religious miracle.  This isn’t surprising being that almost every one of the thousands of “weeping” statues has been called a miracle. 

A Still from Video taken by local News

A Still from Video taken by local News

Here are a few quotes that the locals are saying about the crying statue.

‘Well I have faith that it is. We can’t always be sure, but I prayed to her and I feel better about it and I’m glad I came.’

‘Out of curiosity I went over and looked and it’s unbelievable. It’s forming. The tear is there. It does not look like it’s water or anything. It’s real weird, very weird.’

‘I believe it’s true. They were there. I saw them. I would imagine it’s a miracle.’

“You hear about it in other countries and then it’s here in Reading of all places. It is a miracle. I think something will come of it, hopefully, something good.”

Some are saying that the owners of the shop wanted to keep this spectacle a secret, fearing that the statue would stop crying if too many people found out.  Yet many locals consider this a sign from the Heavens and feel it should be shared with the community. 

There are many speculations as to why this statue has started to tear up; some are saying it happened when the rosary of Rev. James Willig, who has been dead for almost a decade, was placed into the statues hands.  Others are saying it started when a visionary, a person with unusual powers of foresight, came to the library for a visit last week.  I say it started when the owners or someone made of human flesh started to tamper with the statue; however I can’t be certain, I have not examined the statue myself.  Believe it or not, there are some clever ways one can make a statue “cry.”

In a book titled “The Unexplained” Doctor Karl P.N. Shuker, mentions a paper by Dr. Luigi Garlaschelli on how to make a statue weep.

“What is needed is a hollow statue made of a porous material such as plaster or ceramic.  The icon must be glazed or painted with some sort of impermeable coating.  If the statue is then filled up with a liquid (surreptitiously, through a tiny hole in the head, for example), the porous material will absorb it, but the glazing will stop it from flowing out.  If the glazing, however, is imperceptibly scratched away on or around the eyes, tear-like drops will leak out, as if materialising from thin air.  If the cavity behind the eyes is small enough, once all the liquid has dripped out there are virtually no traces left in the icon.  When I put it to the test, this trick proved to be very satisfactory, baffling all onlookers.”

So before one jumps to miracle status, perhaps this statue should be examined scientifically and skeptically.  The reason why this should be done is because, every weeping statue that has gone under examination has been found to either be a natural explanation such as dew or it has been tampered with by human hands, in other words hoaxed.  Statues do not cry.  But the 2 big red flags in this case are, outside cameras are not allowed inside, although people have been snapping pictures with their cell phones and that the statue of Jesus that is housed in a different part of the building has also started to cry.

Hopefully, Jason Korbus and I can set up an appointment to have a look at this miraculous weeping statue.  Thanks for reading Pork Rhine.

God Urges South Carolina Woman to Torture Dog

I remember once listening to an episode of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe ( when they were talking about the sudden death of around 5000 birds in Arkansas.  Rebecca Watson, co-host of SGU, jokingly remarked that the answer is simple really; it’s that God hates animals.  After hearing some recent news involving a helpless dog and a woman from South Carolina, I am starting to agree with Watson, God in fact hates animals.

WARNING: Now I am an animal lover, dogs especially, so if you have a weak stomach or hate to read about animal cruelty and torture please do not read this article. 

A 65 year old woman by the name of Miriam Fowler Smith claimed to have felt the presence of God a few days back.  Instead of God filling her heart with the urge to do good deeds, the Most High seemed to turn back to his Old Testament ways.  Ms. Smith claims God urged her to kill her nephew’s 1 year old pit-bull, Diamond. 

Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith

According to Smith, this act of divine intervention came after the dog had taken a bite out of her Bible.  She also claimed that God told her that this “devil dog” would also harm the neighborhood children.

Not wanting to disappoint the Almighty or fail in her orders on disposing of the devil dog, Smith grabbed an extension cord and hung the dog from a tree.  She then proceeded to douse the dog in kerosene and burned it to death. 

An animal control officer wrote in her report “The dog’s remains were found under a pile of dried, cut grass. Part of the orange cord was still around the dog’s neck and a smell of kerosene still hung in the air.”

If Smith is convicted she could face anywhere from 180 days to 5 years in Prison.  Right now she is being held at Spartanburg County jail after being charged with felony animal cruelty.  No bond has been set. 

However there is question about her mental state and will most likely come into play on what type of penalties she receives. 

Personally I think this woman deserves the max sentence possible.

Not Again Harold

I can remember when I was a little kid scared to death of a prediction made by a man my father used to listen to, host of Family Talk Radio, Harold Camping.

Harold Camping

Harold Camping

The prediction was made in Camping’s book 1994 that Christ was going to come back sometime between September 15-17 of that year. Using some crazy numerology methods camping was able to convince himself Jesus was born October 4th in the year 7 B.C. and took a passage found in the book of John where Christ tells his disciples who were 200 cubits into the sea of Galilee to throw the fishing nets off the boat. Camping stated that the 200 cubits represents the 2000 years from the first to the second coming of Christ. So Camping took the year of Christ’s birth, 7 B.C. and subtracted 1 for the year 0 and got 6, he then took the 2000 and subtracted 6 and got 1994.

After reading it now I realize how ridiculous this is, but when I was 10 it was seriously terrifying to me. Well as everyone reading this knows, 1994 came and went and Christ never returned…SURPRISE!!! When the world didn’t end in 1994 my father and lots of people stopped listening to Harold Camping. However throughout the years the listeners of Family Radio grew plentiful and Camping seems to be up to his old tricks. According to this wonderful mathematician (sarcasm) Harold has decided to play the numbers game again.

Somehow Camping came up with the year 4990 B.C. as the definitive year of the flood. The Bible also says God told Noah to warn the people they had 7 days to get to safety on the ark. The Bible also states that God closed the door to the ark on the 17th day of the second month of that year (4990 B.C.). So by using some non clever picking and choosing Camping looked at a verse from 2 Peter 3:8 which reads “But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day.”

According to Prophet Camping when God told Noah to warn the people they had 7 days to get to safety or they would all die in the flood, he was also telling us that he was going to destroy the world in 7000 years. And if we use Camping’s math which is 4990 (year of the flood) + 2011 (the year it is now) – 1 ( minus 1 for year 0) we get 7000, this is an astounding revelation, just kidding. Well on the Family Radio website, it states:

Because the year 2011 A.D. is exactly 7,000 years after 4990 B.C. when the flood began, the Bible has given us absolute proof that the year 2011 is the end of the world during the Day of Judgment, which will come on the last day of the Day of Judgment. 

Amazingly, May 21, 2011 is the 17th day of the 2nd month of the Biblical calendar of our day. Remember, the flood waters also began on the 17th day of the 2nd month, in the year 4990 B.C.”

That’s right folks, Camping is predicting that the world will end on May 21st of this year. It didn’t end in 1994 when this great mystic made his first prediction and I think it is a pretty safe bet it isn’t going to end on May 21, 2011, and when it doesn’t I hope Family Radio pulls the plug on his mic for good, which in my opinion that is something that should have happened 17 years ago.

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas – WOW!!!

So today I read something rather interesting in one of the many books from my personal library.  This book was titled “Lost Scriptures: Books that Did Not Make It into the New Testament” by Bart D. Ehrman. 

It is not a secret that I am a skeptic, it is also not a secret I love biblical history; however what I just read was amazing.   

I can remember being in 2nd grade (I was 7 or 8 years old so this is roughly 18 or 19 years ago) my sister came home and told me that her teacher Mr. Johnson (he was the 7th grade teacher, that is how I know I was in second grade, my sister is 5 years older than me) told the class that there are biblical books about Jesus when he was a child and how he did very mischievous things to other people.  The name of the biblical book was never given and I must admit I had forgotten all about it until a few days ago. 

 I am not sure as to what podcast I was listening to but there was a biblical scholar and historian (unsure of the name, forgive me) on the show.  There was a call in question about the time gap on the life of Jesus Christ from the ages 2-12, then 13-30.  The scholar sort of chuckled and said read The Infancy Gospel of Thomas (not to be confused with The Copitc Gospel of Thomas).  He explained that it covers the early ages of Jesus Christ.  It covers the first 12 years of boyhood, bridging the gap that is left in the second chapter of Luke.   

After I heard this I went down into my library where I have literally hundreds of books I have never read, and made my way over to my religious section.  It took me a few minutes but I was able to locate a few books that were about missing books of the Bible.  I thumb through the table of contents and was able to find a book of mine that had The Infancy Gospel of Thomas in it.

First a little bit of history on this book.  As I stated above this apocryphal book covers the first 12 years of Jesus Christ’s life.  It was written by someone who calls himself Thomas the Israelite (not to be confused with Judas Thomas).   Most scholars agree that this fascinating book was written sometime in the second century; however there seems to be some disagreement on whether it was originally written in Greek or Syriac.  Most people know what Jesus was like as an adult and often wonder what Jesus was like as a child.  Well The Infancy Gospel of Thomas is one of the earliest of accounts in these myths.

Now we get to the good stuff and I will tell you some of the great things Jesus did as a child.  First the book starts out with Jesus at 5 years old and he is molding birds out of clay.  When another Jewish man see’s this he runs to tell Joseph that Jesus has profaned the Sabbath (you are not supposed to work on the Sabbath).  When Joseph finds Jesus and asks why he has done work on the Sabbath, Jesus claps his hands and the clay birds come to life and fly away.

Another story in this book describes a boy who grabbed a stick and scattered the water Jesus had gathered.  Well this action irritated Jesus, so Jesus calls the boy an irreverent idiot, and asks him what the pools of water ever do to harm him.  Jesus proceeds to say “now you will also be withered like a tree, and you will never bear leaves or roots or fruit.”  Suddenly the boy withered away and the parents mourn at his lost youth. 

We also have a story of a child who bumps into the shoulder of Jesus, again this irritates him greatly.  Jesus shouts out “you will go no further on your way.”   Right away the child falls down dead.  The parents of the dead child banish Joseph, Mary and Jesus from the city.

Joseph calls out to Jesus and asks why he is doing such things?  That the city people are suffering, they hate them and they are persecuting them.   So Jesus puts a curse on those who were speaking ill of him and made everyone blind.

There are a few stories in this book that show Jesus being taken as a pupil to great teachers.  Only Jesus is the one who does the teaching.  The first teacher is a man named Zachaeus, who is embarrassed that he was taught by the young boy, but didn’t speak a foul tongue and so Jesus healed all those that he had cursed.  The second teacher was irritated that Jesus was teaching him and smacks Jesus on the head, So Jesus cursed him and the teacher immediately fainted and fell to the ground on his face.  The third teacher was a good friend to Joseph, he tells Joseph he will use flattery to help Jesus learn.  After a few days the teacher says Jesus was my pupil, but he has become my teacher.  He explains how wise Jesus is and for these good words, Jesus healed the other instructor he had cursed. 

Some other stories include Jesus raising a child from the dead who fell off of a roof, Jesus raising an infant from the dead and Jesus raising a man who from the dead who died in a construction accident.  There are also stories of Jesus feeding many from one piece of grain, carrying water home in cloth because the jar broke.  Jesus also stretches a beam of wood to help Joseph in the construction of a bed.  Jesus heals a man who cut his foot with an axe and also heals his brother James who was bitten by a poisonous snake.

Some scholars say that they are uncertain if this book was meant to be taken literal or for entertainment purposes, personally I have no clue.  I can say however, that either way, it was a very entertaining book.