3 Year Old Girl Dead After Exorcism

I swear, this world makes me so sick.  I am literally sick to my stomach after reading about a tragic incident that occurred in Massachusetts recently.

Seriously this is the saddest story I have read in a long time and I think everyone should read it.


This poor girl lost her life because of medieval superstition, the belief that demons possessed her body.  I mean there is no doubt that the mother was and is completely insane, it is just a shame this crap had to happen.

God Urges South Carolina Woman to Torture Dog

I remember once listening to an episode of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe (http://www.theskepticsguide.org/) when they were talking about the sudden death of around 5000 birds in Arkansas.  Rebecca Watson, co-host of SGU, jokingly remarked that the answer is simple really; it’s that God hates animals.  After hearing some recent news involving a helpless dog and a woman from South Carolina, I am starting to agree with Watson, God in fact hates animals.

WARNING: Now I am an animal lover, dogs especially, so if you have a weak stomach or hate to read about animal cruelty and torture please do not read this article. 

A 65 year old woman by the name of Miriam Fowler Smith claimed to have felt the presence of God a few days back.  Instead of God filling her heart with the urge to do good deeds, the Most High seemed to turn back to his Old Testament ways.  Ms. Smith claims God urged her to kill her nephew’s 1 year old pit-bull, Diamond. 

Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith

According to Smith, this act of divine intervention came after the dog had taken a bite out of her Bible.  She also claimed that God told her that this “devil dog” would also harm the neighborhood children.

Not wanting to disappoint the Almighty or fail in her orders on disposing of the devil dog, Smith grabbed an extension cord and hung the dog from a tree.  She then proceeded to douse the dog in kerosene and burned it to death. 

An animal control officer wrote in her report “The dog’s remains were found under a pile of dried, cut grass. Part of the orange cord was still around the dog’s neck and a smell of kerosene still hung in the air.”

If Smith is convicted she could face anywhere from 180 days to 5 years in Prison.  Right now she is being held at Spartanburg County jail after being charged with felony animal cruelty.  No bond has been set. 

However there is question about her mental state and will most likely come into play on what type of penalties she receives. 

Personally I think this woman deserves the max sentence possible.