Interview with Conspiracy Theorist Sherry Shriner

Here is an interview with conspiracy theorist Sherry Shriner, hope you enjoy. 

Sherry Shriner

Sherry Shriner

Sherry first I would like to thank you for taking time out to answer a few questions here on Pork Rhine.

 Shall we get started?

Bobby Nelson: Sherry this isn’t the first time you and I have been engaged in conversation, but for the readers can you tell us about yourself, your message and what you aim to achieve?

Sherry Shriner: I was stood up by the Lord to be His mouthpiece on earth over 10 years ago ( ). Since then I’ve written two books, put up multiple websites and have 2 radio shows (  to reveal the truths He gives me to reveal. He has led me into deciphering Bible Codes ( ) and the Alien Agenda aspect of the NWO ( )  and how to fight against them and sabotage their plans through an ancient energy we call Orgone. This dimensional ether energy is also known as the 5th element and will destroy wicked and evil beings (aliens) …it even crashes their UFOs. I have a website on it at .

 I am here to wake up an army and lead them into personal protection and even combat against Satan and his forces and strongholds in these last days. , 

Bobby Nelson: The last time we spoke by phone on Strange Frequencies Radio we discussed the sudden death of birds, fish and cattle.  You quoted scripture from Hosea 4:3 Because of this the land dries up, and all who live in it waste away; the beasts of the field, the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea are swept away.  Why is it easier for you to assume these incidents to be apocalyptic instead of having a natural cause?

Sherry Shriner: Mankind, and even Satan himself, have always just been tools of the Lord’s Himself to fulfill His aims and goals on earth.  All of the events happening today, even the NWO, were foretold thousands of years ago through the Biblical prophets. There isn’t anything that happens here that isn’t allowed or guided by the Most High Himself.  Satan does a lot of wicked things here on earth, as does man, and the Most High allows it to test mankind. Everything follows a pre-determined path, we aren’t left in the dark as to what Satan’s plans are here on earth. It is our choice, however, as to whose side we are on, God’s or Satan’s.

Those who don’t take a decisive stand belong to Satan’s side on default. The devil claims them since God w rejects them as His. If you don’t make a commitment to belong to the Most High, He will reject you.

Bobby Nelson: This is in reference to the last question.  You know mass death in animals is rare but it does happen, for instance, 60,000 ducks suddenly died in the Baltic Sea in 1976, 1,000 Shearwater birds were found dead in the Bahamas in 2007 and in 2006 thousands of sea turtles were found floating dead in El Salvatore.   Why were these events not considered apocalyptic? 

Sherry Shriner: I think the mass global deaths happening all within the same time frame is what has sparked so much interest and fear as to the wonder of what’s going on. The internet wasn’t a communication medium in 1976 and the deaths of ocean life the past few years we’re easily blown off by science with whatever excuses they gave. It’s harder for them to control information now, especially on a wider scale, when so many people are aware and waking up to their plans to implement a NWO using famine and the control of food and water to try and force people submit to it. The Alien plan for a NWO is based on ‘cleansing’ the earth…and that’s the eventual elimination of all LIFE.

Bobby Nelson: Also wouldn’t you think that if these animal deaths were prophetic in nature the numbers would be larger and not so localized? I mean 200 cows on one farm isn’t that terrifying, nor is 5000 birds in Arkansas.

Sherry Shriner: Well put that with all the other deaths springing up everywhere in the same time frame and people have a reason to panic and wonder what’s going on…

and it’s part of  what they would refer to as collateral damage..they test their chemical weapons on them…and/or their deaths are the result of Planet X coming in and changing the earth’s magnetosphere…there’s more than one reason…as always..for everything they do and allow to happen, or simply can’t even prevent. There’s several factions fighting for control over this NWO…so you’re going to see multiple events and disasters started by one faction, and then others started by other factions…and then there’s things none of the factions can control, such as earth changes and the affects of incoming planets and other objects toward earth.

Bobby Nelson: Let’s move on to a different topic, you have a term you use for certain people in places of power, you call them lizards.  Can you explain exactly what a lizard is? 

Sherry Shriner: A lizard is a reptilian, a snake…Nahash is also a term used in Hebrew to describe this ‘snake’. Our ancient history begins with such a snake in the Garden of Eden who seduced Eve…. ( )

Satan is a lizard…a dragon…he shifts in various does those who serve him behind the scenes to control this world through governments and their military’s.  Today, many of our world leaders have been possessed and are controlled by these Reptilians who inhabit, possess, and control their human bodies. Shape-shifting, also known as morphing, is becoming more and more noticeable because people are waking up and catching these creatures lose their human forms and shift on TV itself.

Bobby Nelson: How do these lizards get to earth and how do they acquire such high ranking positions of power?

Sherry Shriner: For the most part they never left earth. They inhabit the earth via underground cities and DUMBS our governments build for them.  They also have star ships and inhabit moons, planets, and star systems in space. “UFOs” are their means of travel back and forth to and and from earth.

Bobby Nelson: Why is it that people perceive events one way and certain people like you see something totally different?  What I mean is when I hear about the JKF assassination I think Oswald did the shooting, you think it was the driver of Kennedy’s car.  I see the WTC buildings fall due to the airplane explosions and the fire weakening the steel, you see that it was a demolition with explosives.  I see President Obama, Jay-Z and other “famous” individuals as human, you see them as lizards.  I see what I think to be flares in the sky and you see fallen angels.  Why is this?

Sherry Shriner: Some people are just more open to search for what the truth really is…people who buy and believe the government sponsored lies and media without questioning them have their eyes and ears closed to what truth is. They don’t want to believe they are lied to on a constant basis.  You don’t want to go against the ‘norm’  because you’re comfortable with what that is.  When you learn and see for yourself what and who controls our governments and media, you would see the lies coming from a 1,000 miles every time they open their mouths.

Bobby Nelson: I know you think certain people of power are after you; however they can’t touch you because you are protected by the Christian God.  What makes you believe that the God of the Bible is the Supreme Being and it’s not the god of some other religion?  The argument because my Bible says so, can’t be used because other religious texts say the same thing about their god.

Sherry Shriner: It all goes back to Genesis 3:15 when the Most High pronounced judgment on Lucifer for his sin in the garden of Eden. Mankind would have to be redeemed…and Lucifer knew this…he created religions everywhere over the following years to try and mimic and sabotage God’s plans to redeem mankind so that when He did through His Son Yahushua, mankind wouldn’t believe it or recognize it for what it was or who HE was. There is only one Savior of Mankind, there is only one empty grave.

Bobby Nelson: A question back I brought up that I see flares in the sky and you see fallen angels.  Can you talk about how you believe UFO’s to be fallen angles?  Also what is the difference between a Reptoid or Reptillian and a Lizard and are they associated with these fallen angels?

Sherry Shriner: Orgone crashes UFOs…Wilhelm Reich was the first to discover this and we perfected it. A lot of his work was destroyed by the government but copies of it can be purchased through the Wilhelm Reich museum. President Eisenhower befriended Reich and asked him to develop a weapon that could combat the increasing alien threat back then…Eisenhower wanted to fight against the aliens..but then the aliens befriended him and made treaties with him. At that point, Eisenhower no longer had a use for Reich, and this is when the government began to harass him, throw him in prison on trumped up charges and destroyed all his work. Orgone is also a healing energy and Reich was able to heal people through his orgone generator box…and our government wanted to stop and destroy that as well. They’re not in the healing business, there’s no money to be made if people are healthy compared to the $ billions that are made when they are dependent on pharmaceuticals and medical care.

Bobby Nelson: Now I know you do have a way if taking care of these creatures, you have talked in detail about Orgone blasters, what exactly is an Orgone blaster and what does it do?

Sherry Shriner: An Orgone blaster is comprised of 4 ingredients, fiberglass resin, copper coil, crystals and aluminum shavings. It creates a piezoelectric energy that produces this ancient ether energy, a living life force energy, also known as the 5th Element. This energy saturates the atmosphere, space, and even saturates other dimensions. With the Orgone being a living life force energy, the ‘dead’ (demons) can’t stand it..the fallen can’t stand it…it burns them and they can’t breathe around it. According to the Bible Codes it is a very apocalyptical weapon in these last days as a defense and protection for people against alien and demonic beings.

We have also found that our Orgone will dissolve chemtrails and not allow them to stick in Orgone saturated areas. It also defends against ELF attacks and even can defend against weather disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes…they hit Orgoned areas and switch directions!  It has 100 different uses, prevents night terrors, alien abductions and many other things as listed at

Bobby Nelson: Is this Orgone water toxic to humans?

Sherry Shriner: No not at all. It’s almost the same, if not the same, as Holy Water. Spray orgoned water on evil beings and it will burn them!! It’s like an acid to them.

Bobby Nelson: Do you have any empirical evidence of these things such as lizards and that Orgone water works to kill them or is this all subjective?

Sherry Shriner: Well you can’t bring the 4th dimension into our dimension (yet)..but those who can see and hear into the 4th dimension and even astral dimensions can confirm the power of Orgone.  It does everything I say it does and as revealed in the Bible Codes.

In our dimension, if you wear an Orgone pendant in public places you’ll immediately notice the stares and disdain from others because you are wearing it. People who are possessed by demons or soul scalped by the lizards and are near Orgone will break out in hives and boils, and become agitated and angry by the presence of this Orgone. I’ve heard from people whose neighbors moved out of their neighborhoods immediately after they had placed orgone around their properties. You’ll see people become very hot and agitated when Orgone is around, such as Benny Hinn and Obama… hot flashes, agitated, loosening their ties, becoming angry, are typical characteristics of how they react.

Bobby Nelson: Last time we spoke by phone, we talked about an adventure I would love to partake in with you, which was going to Lima, Ohio where you discovered a base when giants are housed.  I am curious as to how you found out about this base and how you know giants are living there?

Sherry Shriner: I saw that Lima, Ohio kept coming up in the Bible Codes and so I did further research on it which was then confirmed to me by a friend who knew of this base and was able to give me a general description of where it was.

Bobby Nelson: What do you plan to do once you get to Lima?

Sherry Shriner: Saturate it with Orgone Blasters and other Orgone devices that we have. They can’t survive or thrive in Orgoned areas.

Bobby Nelson: Well Sherry, again I would like to thank you for your time and I hope to talk to you again soon.

Sherry Shriner: You’re very welcome.

When Good Games Go Bad

One of the most controversial tools ever used in spirit communication, a tool that is still used today, is a simple wooden board. It comes in many different sizes, with a variety of beautifully painted scenes and symbols. Yet they all share certain characteristics: located somewhere on the surface of these boards are the words “Yes”, “No” and “Goodbye“, the letters A through Z and the numbers 0 through 9. With this board comes a pointer called a planchette. The planchette is a triangular or heart-shaped device that will point to the letters, numbers or words, spelling out phrases, names and dates. The planchette actually predates these boards. Planchettes were originally used with a pencil attached for automatic writing (a method used a lot during the spiritualist movement). But now the planchette and this board go hand in hand. This board goes by many names such as a talking board, a witch board, or a spirit board. But most of us know it as the Ouija board.

The Ouija board is quite possibly the most infamous tool used in paranormal research. I would venture to bet that most people reading this have heard a terrifying story that has either happened to a friend or a friend of a friend that involves the Ouija board. But when was the Ouija board created? What’s the history of this fascinating tool of devilish mischief? Was it constructed under candlelight in a dark dungeon sometime in the Dark Ages? Or maybe it was created by a witch who practiced black magic and satanic rituals. Many will be surprised to learn that the Ouija board is fairly young and it was made as a novelty item.

On May 28th 1890, a patent was filed by three individuals: Elijah Bond, Charles W. Kennard and William H. A. Maupin. The patent was for a novelty item developed by The Kennard Novelty Company, and the first boards were stamped February 10, 1891. Kennard was the one who named the board Ouija. People say the name Ouija means yes-yes because oui is French for yes and ja is German for yes, but Kennard claims to have named Ouija after an Egyptian word for good luck. In all actuality the word scarab means good luck in Egyptian (or Arabic) and not the word Ouija. The story goes the board itself repeatedly told Kennard that Ouija meant good luck in Egyptian and the name just stuck. The company only produced the Ouija board for fourteen months but kept corporate control until 1898.

In 1898 the Ouija board was appointed to a man that would revolutionize the board’s history, William Fuld. It was this man who said that he invented the board and that the name meant yes-yes. In 1919 Fuld bought the remaining rights and sold millions of these boards along with other toys. Sadly Fuld would die from a horrible accident falling from his company rooftop while supervising a flag pole replacement. This didn’t stop Fuld’s children from taking over the business or the production of Ouija boards. In 1966 the business was sold to Parker Brothers who still own the rights today.

So what happened? When did the Ouija Board get associated with evil? The history seems harmless, so why is it so closely related to Satan and demons? Although I cannot be 100% sure, while researching the subject I found that almost all negative reports relating to the board came about in the 70’s, after a novel was published and then turned into a movie two years later. The movie is a classic horror story about a teenage girl who tells her mother she has been talking to a person named Captain Howdy through the Ouija Board. Later this girl becomes possessed by the devil, which causes her body to contort, she spits up the classic green pea vomit and her head spins 360 degrees. Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about “The Exorcist.” Now The Exorcist is “based” on a true story of a 14-year-old boy who was possessed and actually required three separate Rites of Exorcism from three different Christian denominations: Episcopalian, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic. The case happened in 1949 and the boy did admit to playing with a Ouija board. One thing to remember here is that religious groups had already become involved when this claim came out, so the Church automatically would assume this was the reason behind the possession. Just because the Church assumes this doesn’t make it fact. After 1973 (the year The Exorcist came out) there was a skyrocket of claims dealing with Ouija boards and demons; that’s the fact but the movie isn’t all at fault. After this another group that heavily promoted the Ouija Board as the work of the devil would be Christians.

I personally have received many claims from people telling me their stories, and as I suspected most are second- or third-hand. One thing people kept assuring me was that evil has been associated with this board since at least the 50′s, possibly earlier. There are two things I noticed in these stories, though: A. Hardly any of them had demons or possession associated with them. B. All were told that the board was evil by clergy or family members with strong religious views. This still holds me to my theory that the Church has a large role in why this toy is evil. From experience growing up in Christian house hold, I know the Church views any type of spirit communication as a product of the devil. The church has two views on where a spirit goes when it departs from the body, ones that go to Heaven and ones that go to Hell. I have even been taught that ghosts are actually demons portraying loved ones to win over trust so we will “let them in.” With that being said, the very fact that the Ouija board claims to be able to contact spirits would automatically be looked down on by the church, whether it be a toy or not. But still I will say I believe the reason why people have associated this board game with the devil is largely due to the movie The Exorcist.

So one has to wonder whether the Ouija board really is a tool that contacts demons or even Satan himself? Maybe it isn’t demons but entities that exist on a lower plane. Maybe it isn’t anything except one’s imagination. When dealing with controversial subjects, I feel it is important that we have to look at both sides: the side of belief and the side of doubt. With that being said, let’s look at something called the Ideomotor effect, a term that was coined by William B. Carpenter in 1852. With the power of suggestion or expectation and the subtle unconscious movements made by the hand, one may trick oneself into thinking that something supernatural is occurring. William also states that the muscle movements can be made by the brain independently of emotions. This simply means we do not know we are the ones influencing the planchette to move. This same effect also could explain pendulums and dowsing rods (actually that’s why this explanation was created).

Another common factor in the Ouija stories I received (and have heard in the past) is most of them end with someone burning the board to get rid of the evil, but to their surprise it isn’t affected by the flames. I have heard many other stories that consist of the smell of flesh when the board is thrown in the fire pit, even a board screaming in the flames. But the biggest commonality is that the fire has no effect on the board. Could this stem from the belief that the Ouija board is closely connected with demons and the Devil, and the belief that fire is associated with Hell? It is difficult for me to believe something made out of wood could survive the fireplace.

Still this common factor is interesting, so I contacted a man by the name of James “The Amazing” Randi, to talk about this. For those who don’t know who James Randi is, he is an investigator of paranormal claims. His foundation “The James Randi Educational Foundation” currently offers a $1,000,000 check to anyone who can prove paranormal abilities and/or claims. You may have even heard of this as the “Million Dollar Challenge”. This challenge has been going on since the 70′s and has never been won. So Mr. Randi told me to present everyone here with an experiment, in his words: “Have everyone go out and buy a Ouija board and set it on fire. If it doesn’t burn, they’ll win a million dollars.”


Burning the Ouija Board

Burning the Ouija Board

James Randi has also done tests on the Ouija board. To prove it is nothing more than the ideomotor effect, he blindfolded the operators, and the results produced were nothing but nonsense. No words, names, or phrases, no yes, no or dates–it was only gibberish. Surely demons or evil spirits would be able to spell the same whether the operator is blindfolded or not, so what happened? The logical explanation according to Randi is that it’s all done subconsciously by the operator. When the operator can’t see the board, the operator can’t produce positive results. It is also important to note that in controlled tests, the board has never produced any information that isn’t already known to the operators.

One major problem with the modern day paranormal investigator is lack of common sense.  People jump to conclusions way to quickly and let myths become fact.  Based on all the information I gathered while studying the Ouija board, I have to conclude the following.  The Ouija board is and has always been a board game, a children’s toy.  It has never been and is not a portal to hell, it does not let entities of any sort in through some invisible doorway, it does not conjure demons or Satan himself.  It matters not of your intent or belief, it is a piece of wood or cardboard with fancy paintings and designs, nothing more.  I have personally tested the burning of the Ouija board and it may surprise most readers, but it does in fact burn.  I heard no screaming, I smelled no burning flesh, it wasn’t waiting for me on the mantle magically rejuvenated, however it was a waste of 15 dollars.