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The Bent Spoon

The Bent Spoon

So last Friday the first issue of The Bent Spoon was released.  I have received a lot of positive feedback and comments (which I love).  If anyone would like to subscribe to receive a free copy every month in their inbox, just send an email to and in the subject line type “subscribe” and you will be added to the list. 

The Bent Spoon is a skeptical magazine for the true believer.  Within its pages you will find Q&A between those with opposing viewpoints, interviews with leading investigators and thinkers, as well as articles which will not only provide in-depth analysis, but also be critical of both believers and skeptics alike.  Along with reviews, comic strips, and other lighter fare, The Bent Spoon hopes to foster an attitude of outreach, forming a middle ground where believers and skeptics can come together and have a conversation about the issues and questions we’ve all given thought to.

Please tell your friends and leave feedback, we would love to hear from you!  

If you havent subscribed and would like to read issue 01, just click this link Bentspoon issue001

My Take on the Eerie Image Captured in the Woods

This is a story that is a couple of weeks old but for some reason is still making its rounds around the internet. 

On the 13th of December I was told to read a story about a deer hunter who picked up some strange image on his game camera.  The picture of this creature was said to be taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City, Louisiana.  Anyway as the hunter was hiding in the dark, he claims that this “ghoulish” creature appeared out of nowhere.  It had glowing eyes and it looked into the game camera and vanished as it went back into the bushes.

Now the hunter wants to remain nameless *red flag* said he was so scared, that he broke his camera but luckily he was able to remove the undamaged memory card. 

So what is this ghastly creature lurking through the woods?  Could it be a rabid werewolf or a zombie bear?  There were many speculations on what this creature could be; I heard everything from a bear with mange to an alien humanoid to the Dover demon to a chupacabra.

One of the best discrepancies on this photo is the date.  One says 11/30/2010 and the other photo says 12/04/2010 *red flag*. 

Now on twitter Insomniac Games gave it away that this creature is a grim, which is a character from their Resistance series (Resistance 3 will be released September 6th 2011).

“Whoops… looks like one got out. If you see a Grim on the loose… please return to Insomniac Games, Burbank, CA:”    

GRIM From Resistance 2

GRIM From Resistance 2

However Insomniac Games deleted this tweet saying that it was a total joke.

A lot of people are speculating that it could be an image from the up and coming movie titled Super 8, which is a Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams collaboration.

However there are a lot of people that are claiming this isn’t a viral campaign for either Resistance 3 or Super 8.  Personally I don’t see why it can’t be some person at home who faked an image.  I mean the hunter wants to remain nameless and the dates on the pictures don’t match, I don’t know how much more evidence one needs to see that this is a blatant fake.

Still there are people that astound me, for instance someone said on a message board I frequently post on that he/she has evidence that this white skinned creature really exists.

“this is my weirdest experience i have ever had, and still to this day cannot explain what it was, or why it happened but hear go’s, when i was about 11 years old, me and my friend were walking around the neighborhood going to the lake, i had another friend named Tim who lived two houses away from the lake, all of a sudden i saw movement out of the corner of my eye and i looked up and to the right, what i saw was unbelievable and i told my friend to look at it she saw it to, what we saw was a white demon like thing up in the tree in Tim’s front yard, if you have ever seen the show “chalk zone” this creature looked kinda like one of those characters, it was all white except for the outline of its body and its eyes and mouth. it had black beady eyes that stared at me the whole time, and it had an evil grin on its face, it had a chainsaw that looked like a cartoon to, it then started cutting down a big branch from the tree looking at me the whole time, and then the branch fell and as we watched it fall we looked back up and the creature was gone, it fell on Tim’s parents car and totaled it, they had to get it towed away it was in such bad shape, and they had to get a new one.
has anybody experienced anything like this? if anybody on hear is hell bend on calling me a liar, then don’t post, I’m looking for real explanations not for someone to psychoanalyze me, i did not imagine this, it was not a dream, it was 100 percent real, and it really did total their car, so if anybody can offer me an explanation or has had similar experiences I’d love to hear them, this event has bothered me ever since it happened, not cause it was scary but because i could never explain it and that’s why I’m posting this in hopes that someone can help me understand that event, what it was and why it happened.


I could spend all day explaining why this story is ridiculous but I will spare you that, however notice that the eyes were black, not glowing.  Also this isn’t evidence of anything, its anecdotal at best. 

So please everyone lets use our brains, don’t be afraid of white skinned, glowing eyed zombie humanoids walking the throughout the woods, pay more attention to reality.  Animals such as a grizzly bears or mountain lions, rabid skunks or porcupines, these are animals that live in the woods and can really inflict some damage upon you. 

Thanks for reading Pork Rhine.