Jason Hawes, an Apology Would be Nice

The other day I wrote an article called “Jason Hawes, How Dare You…” where I criticized a comment Hawes made live on a blogtalk radio show. During this show Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters fame claimed that TAPS is the reason the historical Fort Mifflin is still open. Just to recap what was said, here is an exact quote.

Jason Hawes: “Fort Mifflin, we did multiple events for them that we were able to give them enough money to keep the place open, so that people and investigators were able to go there and spend time and check out this location, this place wouldn’t be open if we hadn’t done that. “

Radio Host: “That’s right, I believe the TAPS home team recently did a fund raising event there at Fort Mifflin, is that correct?”

Jason Hawes: “Yes, absolutely.”

This upset quite a few people, because the effort to save Fort Mifflin cannot be pin pointed to one person or organization. It is open because of numerous donations and charity work done by all sorts of groups, not just paranormal related. In fact Lorraine Irby, office manager at Fort Mifflin made a comment on this subject.

“No one individual, organization, or volunteer can take credit. It has been a collective effort and hard work by so many wonderful people! Fort Mifflin is saying Thank you to all!”

Anyway after Hawes made this comment, Strange Frequencies Radio, the radio show I am a co-host on felt it necessary to go live and talk about this situation. We gave out the studio phone number and invited Jason Hawes to call in and talk about this comment he made. We received phone calls from a lot of individuals but Hawes never called, just as we all knew he wouldn’t. The show can be heard here www.para-help.com/sfrbobby/sfr_jason_hawes.mp3  However we know Hawes listened to the show because today there was a response to it on Jason’s facebook.

“To respond to those who wait for any little comment that you can take and run with in hopes to stir trouble,
It has always been a combined effort to keep these locations available to the public and investigators. Its not all because of “TAPS” it is from everyone including the fans who spend their money on auctions, events, merchandise, etc etc.
“TAPS” has helped raise a lot of money for many locations and charities.
Some of these locations and their management have stated to us and the event companies who hold the events and manage the event,
“We would not be able to keep the doors open if it was not for these events.”
Take that and run with it like you see fit.
If you don’t like me, I am OKAY with this, but if thats the fact then please don’t bother wasting either of our time by coming to this site.
To waste your time by coming to this page to post your negative comments and or attacks, I and many others feel is childish and in poor taste.
Show comes back the 23rd, you don’t like me or it, then just don’t watch.”

Well I would like to say, Jason, this isn’t at all what you said, in fact that sounds very similar to what we’ve been saying. What you said can be heard here http://para-help.com/sfrbobby/jason_hawes_fort.mp3 . If you would have said what you are claiming you said in your article, we never would have said a thing. Also, notice how Jason talks about his show and not to watch it if we do not like him. Well I haven’t watched Ghost Hunter in about 5 years, so that’s not an issue, but I love how you tried to change the subject. No one ever mentioned your show, the topic was about how you or TAPS are not and were never responsible for keeping Fort Mifflin open. Be a man and apologize to the thousands of people you have insulted, many of which were probably your fans. Thank you.

About Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic
Bobby Nelson is a skeptic, writer, and co-host of Strange Frequencies Radio. His personal blog can be found online at www.porkrhine.com At one time, Bobby was what could be called a "true believer" in paranormal phenomenon. Having been an active investigator of the paranormal for 12 years with several different Toledo based teams, he has examined countless claims of activity. But years worth of research and investigation proved to him that the evidence for these claims are generally lacking and, furthermore, the vast majority of so-called scientific paranormal investigators were using improper methodologies which caused them to draw both false and misleading conclusions.

13 Responses to Jason Hawes, an Apology Would be Nice

  1. Rie Sadler says:

    Well said and well-written, Bobby. There are many different people out there, both paranormal and non-paranormal, that lend their hands (and wallets) to try and keep various locations open. If one person or one group tries to take the majority of the credit anywhere, it can usually be attributed to ego. In the case of Ft. Mifflin, there are a lot of different people and groups (not all of them have tv-recognition behind them) that have held events there over the last few years to help raise funds that are additional than the standard fee for a “Sleep with a Ghosts” night or the trinkets purchased from the gift shop. While some events may raise more than others, each dollar is a necessity and Lorraine and the others appreciate them all the same, as evident from her quote above.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Of course it is the combined effort of many different factors. Volunteers, groups, investigations, historic days, staff, etc etc. Unless there was some rich wealthy anonymous donor the credit goes to all. No one group, volunteer etc etc. With that being said I do have one comment about the whole Jason situation. I know for a FACT that the take on events they have there greatly favor the guests, NOT host. Sure the host, aka Fort Mifflin gets a pretty good chunk but if the already famous tv stars weren’t so greedy they should make the split a little more even. Sure people pay to come see them (god knows why, because I wouldn’t) but it does benefit the Fort. I just think that if they were truly generous things wouldn’t be so one sided in the money department. . Just saying…..

  3. Ann says:

    I am going to play devils advocate………Yes there are many groups that have helped to raise funds to keep Fort Miflin open. As the sister of a life long military serviceman and mother of a future serviceman, I want nothing more then to see the Fort stay open so people are reminded that freedom does not come cheap. However, TAPS has brought a national level of exposure to the Fort due to the 2 episodes filmed there. I think that without the TAPS exposure, the Fort fundraisers MAY and I (stress MAY) not have been as successful as they have been. The Fort, and some of their fundraising groups even publicizes the fact that TAPS was there to its advantage. Frankly, I am inpartial. I am not pro anyone….just a business person calling it like I see it, goups and the Fort taking advantage of free publicity to raise money to help maintain a wonderful historical site. It does suck that the publicity is connected to TAPS…. but free is free. Nothing personal TAPS, but we all know some things on that show are done for ratings……no ratings = no $$$ and Pilgram and SciFi needs ratings to make money. Sorry if I offend, but I couldn’t not comment.

    • Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

      That isnt the issue though, Hawes claimed the fort is open due to the money they donated, and it isnt.

      • Ann says:

        Sorry…..I just brought myself up to speed..Bobby your right, he’s an ass. Money talks Jay…..it’s going to take a hell of a lot more then 4k to keep the City of Philadelphia at bay from that property.

  4. Rie Sadler says:

    Ann, I and many others were investigating the Fort several years before “Ghost Hunters” aired their episode. In reality, John Zaffis was raising awareness about the Fort long before TAPS did.

  5. sue says:

    Well you like to throw mud dont you. Why was only a little part of the interview played got something to hide yourself ??? also if the fund raisers are so unhappy about what he said give the money back that TAPS raised to help out bet they dont. Instead of biting the hand that helps to feed you be grateful for what you get in life. Nothing like taking what a person said out of context is there, it sounded to me like he said they helped out and made it acessable for others to do the same.

    • Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

      Hello Sue,

      Nothing I have said was taken out of context. I played the portion of the interview that was relevent to what I was talking about. I challenege you to find more in that interview that proves me or shows me it was taken out of contex, I have nothing to hide. Also I urge you to learn some comprehension skills, otherwise you would have seen where I said I can’t speak for the Fort. I am sure there donation was greatly appreciated. However they are not responsible for the Fort staying open. Maybe you should try some research instead of regurgitating what other TAPS fans are saying. Jason Hawes wasn’t taken out of context, he said TAPS is responsible for Fort Mifflin being open and they are not. So before you try being clever, get your facts straight before trying to speak nonsensical bullshit.

  6. Lou says:

    Yeah Sue, your having diarrhea of the mouth. I think in order for you to stop talking or typing crap is for you to cut your throat & smash your fingers with a hammer.

  7. sue says:

    lou grow up everyone is entitled to an opinion and no i make my own mind up dont need people to make my mind for me or be lead by the nose
    if fort milffin isnt commenting then whats the problem where you there when they may have said to taps that it was down to them that the fund raising went from strength to strength ??? and it was down to them that the fort stayed open
    your entiled to your opinion as we all are i belive what i think and you belive what you think and thankyou for replying to my message
    i also went and listened to the radio broadcast and read interviews so i am informed about what i speak about before i comment on things that happens on the internet too many people comment on what they dont know about
    jason and taps come across as humble and appreciate what they have accomplished and the help they have given people is truley amazing it seems that since they have become famous everyone wants to rubbish and hate on them and every little thing they do is scrutinised what about how they have helped paranormal investigation ??? and the charities they have helped ??? how about looking at the good people including yourself has done for others rather than the bad at the end of the day murder wasnt commited and like i said i still belive he was taken out of context
    thankyou for your time and allowing me to put what i belive on your page at least you didnt delete it which says to me your not really a bad or vindictive person but just someone like my self trying to stand by what you belive to be true

  8. I know he does raise money for the Buffalo Train Terminal and they (the board) are happy with the results. I’m waiting on a number to report. In regards to Mifflin, I’ll speak to J myself and see what he has to say!

    I do believe it’s a collective effort from EVERYONE to keep these great places open and NOT one person can or should take credit.

    Fund-raising is expensive and expenses should be reimbursed.



  9. SueBB says:

    I can’t believe this page is still up. I see that another Sue shares a similar opinion as myself, but as I also made clear to you on your recent facebook post Jay claimed that they raised ENOUGH money to keep the place open, he has never said he raised it ALL. The fact remains that Fort Mifflin was set for closure and since paranormal groups have been invited in they now provide over 40percent of the $250,000 budget, as a strong member of the paranoraml community the intervention of a famous promotor like Ghosthunters would have been crtical to this contribution providing the cause with excellent exposure to the wider paranormal community. The revenue that TAPS events and the knock on effect thaty their investigation had has been obviously highly beneficial to Fort Mifflin who seem happy to use the Ghosthunters name in their advertising of events, therefore, I really think that it’s time you realised that no apology is needed, Fort Mifflin have made no official complaint against TAPS and that this really is just you taking Jasons words entirely out of context. I leave you with this. About paranormal investigators and the effort to save Fort Mifflin Lee Anderson the fort’s executive director said “the overwhelming support has been the paranormal community” and “It is my sincere belief that they have been phenomenal in their support and fervor about this cause and I don’t say something I don’t mean”

    • Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

      When did I deny this “the overwhelming support has been the paranormal community” and “It is my sincere belief that they have been phenomenal in their support and fervor about this cause and I don’t say something I don’t mean”???? Last time I checked the paranormal community wasnt TAPS.

      You are also using a post hoc fallacy. You dont know because TAPS did an event that sparked other groups to do so, that statement is just ridiculous.

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