So my best friend over at Fortean Squirrel and co-host on Strange Frequencies Radio, Jason Korbus, told me some exciting news this morning.  “Paranormal State”, a television show that airs on A&E, will not be coming back for another season.  That’s right folks; “Paranormal State” is finally over.  I know I can’t speak for everyone, but hopefully many will join me in saying good riddance, arividerchi, adios, au revoir , sayonara, GOODBYE.

Ryan Buell announced this nugget of joy on his personal blog which can be read here  The best line in this blog reads “And yes, my ‘final director’s log’ will truly, indeed be, my final director’s log.” 

Hopefully this year we will also see the end of Ghost Hunters or possibly Ghost Hunters International, but I won’t hold my breath.