Interview with Kirby Robinson about his new book “Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State”

Kirby on an episode of "Rob and Big"

Kirby on an episode of "Rob and Big"

Jason Korbus and myself had a chance to speak with Kirby Robinson on Strange Frequencies Radio. Kirby bills himself as a Demonologist, Exorcist, paranormal investigator and caring spiritual advisor. He maintains the Eye on the Paranormal blog, and is the author of “Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State.” You can find out more information on the book at and by checking out HTTP://EYEONTHEPARANORMAL.BLOGSPOT.COM

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3 Year Old Girl Dead After Exorcism

I swear, this world makes me so sick.  I am literally sick to my stomach after reading about a tragic incident that occurred in Massachusetts recently.

Seriously this is the saddest story I have read in a long time and I think everyone should read it.

This poor girl lost her life because of medieval superstition, the belief that demons possessed her body.  I mean there is no doubt that the mother was and is completely insane, it is just a shame this crap had to happen.