A Psychic Challenge to Eric “The Yeti” Risinger

Today I was sad to see a person an old acquaintance officially joining the woo circuit.  Eric “The Yeti” Risinger, host of PEMA TV an internet television show, claims to have become a psychic after participating in a sensory deprivation experiment (the Ganzfeld test).  On his personal psychic profile, he does seem a little bit aware that the skills he claims to have obtained may not be fully developed, however he felt they were developed enough to charge $2.26 per minute.  You can read the rest for yourself by going to www.keen.com/Eric%20the%20Yeti.

My Challenge to Eric:

Eric, the reason I am writing this article is not to offend you.  You claim to be a psychic and you are advertising your ability.  You feel it is strong enough to be charging money, so I publically am challenging you to show your ability.

This is what I want from you if you decide to accept my challenge:

  1. A public or private reading, where I am told specifics and not asked questions such as: “does this make sense,” or “tell me about the older woman that has passed away.”  I don’t want vague information that can be applied to the masses; I want specific information that only relates to me.     
  2. Since Eric claims that we all possess the ability to achieve psychic powers, which means he has to be able to identify the mechanism that allows this.  I want to know what this mechanism is, it can’t be an unknown, unquantifiable or unidentifiable otherwise you cannot say this is something everyone possesses.
  3. If this is something that everyone does indeed possess, what moral right do you have to charge for it?

I mean none of this in a disrespectful manner, just that you do what you say you can do, and answer the questions dealing with the knowledge you claim to possess.  Thanks.