A Psychic Challenge to Eric “The Yeti” Risinger

Today I was sad to see a person an old acquaintance officially joining the woo circuit.  Eric “The Yeti” Risinger, host of PEMA TV an internet television show, claims to have become a psychic after participating in a sensory deprivation experiment (the Ganzfeld test).  On his personal psychic profile, he does seem a little bit aware that the skills he claims to have obtained may not be fully developed, however he felt they were developed enough to charge $2.26 per minute.  You can read the rest for yourself by going to www.keen.com/Eric%20the%20Yeti.

My Challenge to Eric:

Eric, the reason I am writing this article is not to offend you.  You claim to be a psychic and you are advertising your ability.  You feel it is strong enough to be charging money, so I publically am challenging you to show your ability.

This is what I want from you if you decide to accept my challenge:

  1. A public or private reading, where I am told specifics and not asked questions such as: “does this make sense,” or “tell me about the older woman that has passed away.”  I don’t want vague information that can be applied to the masses; I want specific information that only relates to me.     
  2. Since Eric claims that we all possess the ability to achieve psychic powers, which means he has to be able to identify the mechanism that allows this.  I want to know what this mechanism is, it can’t be an unknown, unquantifiable or unidentifiable otherwise you cannot say this is something everyone possesses.
  3. If this is something that everyone does indeed possess, what moral right do you have to charge for it?

I mean none of this in a disrespectful manner, just that you do what you say you can do, and answer the questions dealing with the knowledge you claim to possess.  Thanks.


About Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic
Bobby Nelson is a skeptic, writer, and co-host of Strange Frequencies Radio. His personal blog can be found online at www.porkrhine.com At one time, Bobby was what could be called a "true believer" in paranormal phenomenon. Having been an active investigator of the paranormal for 12 years with several different Toledo based teams, he has examined countless claims of activity. But years worth of research and investigation proved to him that the evidence for these claims are generally lacking and, furthermore, the vast majority of so-called scientific paranormal investigators were using improper methodologies which caused them to draw both false and misleading conclusions.

18 Responses to A Psychic Challenge to Eric “The Yeti” Risinger

  1. Greg says:

    Maybe he just doesn’t know the difference between being a psychic and logical. Kind of like how he doesn’t know the difference between internet and television.

  2. Jason Korbus says:

    …and still waiting on that reply.

  3. Ken Biddle says:

    So, he takes a test designed to test telepathy, which puts you in a state much like when dreaming, causing random stimuli to be produced internally….and he now believes he can talk to spirits an guide people in their lives.
    And we all have this ability? Then why would anyone need him? Hmmm…I did know, when I read the title of this article, that Bobby was going to list criteria for the challenge. Maybe I am psychic? Or perhaps I relied on my experience and knowledge of Bobby, and anticipated what he would write. A much more logical conclussion.
    I would like Eric to at least explain/describe the experience he claims convinced him of his psychic ability, so that may be a chance to find a rational explanation…as well as to see if it is repeatable.
    As for specific information, its not going to happen. Most likely, “that’s not how it works” or “it doesn’t work thy way” will be quotes given (or a variation there of) to ward off the attack of simply wanting a straightforward answer. If specific information could be obtained by him, or “more experienced” gifted people…murderers would be prevented from killing, bodies would be found within minutes of a reading, missing or lost children would be found easily and quickly (like that same day), thousands of lives would be saved from, say….an earthquake off the coast of Japan.

    • Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:


    • eric says:

      kenny?…..can you prove they are random? and if so how? that is making an assumption. Get a light source, a red bulb, and a ping pong ball, and white noise to listen to through earphones, try the experiment yourself.

      • Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

        Why would you ask someone to prove something when you wouldn’t prove your ability?

      • Telepathic abilities or random mental stimuli, which is the bigger assumption? One is an established phenomenon and the other depends on a new, undiscovered fundamental force. Let’s all take a step back and look at the big picture.

      • Ken Biddle says:

        During sleep (specifically REM sleep) the brain is without outside stimuli, random neurons fire producing random sensory stimuli – which is why dreams are sometimes a bit…off. In this test, you’re effectively numbing the senses of sight and sound. Touch and smell will go numb from lack of changing stimuli. Taste sense is irrelevant. Depriving the senses as such is putting you in a trance-like state. I would expect random stimuli to be produce internally. The brain is always active.
        How to prove it’s random? Have the same person undergo the test several times, recording the results. You still haven’t related the experience which convinces you that you have any psychic ability. And again, is it repeatable? Have you done the test again? Multiple times to verify the results? Or is this a one-time “ok, I believe it” kind of thing?
        You’re making an assumption that you have some ability to communicate with spirits that will give you information on how to guide people’s lives…while charging for it. Is there a money back guarantee when you’re wrong? Or when you give bad advice and someone loses everything, based on your “coaching”? My assumptions are based on science, research and common sense. Your assumption has the potential to cause false hope, pain and needless suffering.

    • pete cloyes says:

      are you the same kenny that had an accident on the playground @ chester? bout 1000 years ago, if so is there a 40th this summer for ’71 Huskies? & when might that be? thot it’d be cool to see ya’ll. send me your # & i’ll give you a ring. thanks! WOOSTER;WOOSTER; ,if your not sorry i bothered ya. think i’ll go to the G. leaf & get a melt. Whoo Hoo.

  4. eric says:

    Well first let me apologize to bobby for a face book post this morning, Myself and my wife where returning from a trip to the Shanley Hotel in New York. I replied considering this an attack and it is not exactly that, so I do apologize bobby. Lets take this point by point :
    1. When you start off by saying ” by joining the woo circuit” puts any thought of this being an open minded helpful experience out the door, and that is probably why I responded the way I did.
    2. The very close friends I have that are psychics will also never read for family or close friends simply because they become jaded by all the information they have about that person, the experience becomes more about personal opinion than a true psychic reading. Now given that me and bobby for an extended period of time have talked, and I do know things about him I could not give him an accurate reading, and even if I did i already know that whatever I did see or was told would be twisted and discounted because of this.
    3. In my personal opinion, the abilities come from our caveman ancestors, I believe they are the reason why you feel you should not go into places, or don’t like certain situations , even though your “mechanical” sense cannot detect a reason NOT to go into theses places. Another example would be why does the hair on your arm stand up when there is no mechanical reason for it to like a temperature change? Could we be sensing electrical or magnetic fields much like many animals do? I do not know, I cannot state from medical journals why this happens, or specific studies. These are simply my theories as to an explanation.
    4. Lastly, you asked what gave me a moral right to charge? Who gives you the moral right to question? I think bobby knows me well enough to know that i am not an immoral or evil person, but i also dont have to answer to bobby for what i do in my life. Once again this is one of those things that could be taken as an attack, bobby has my skype and could very easily have gotten a hold of me and asked me about all this in private, but he choose not to, he choose his own forum.

    So to conclude, No bobby I will not do a reading for you because no matter what I say or how i say it to you I am already a “wooster”. This was a no win situation for me from the get go and I will respond to it and then forget about it because in the big picture this means very little to me and much more to bobby. Hug the gang for me bobby , and yes i still consider you a frieind.

    The Yeti

  5. I am impressed with your response Eric. And say simply this, we ARE ALL connected to some “gut instinct”, some “intuition”……a “sensitive” energy, an empathic connection to a room full of people at a funeral, or at the scene of an accident. No one is immune. Its up to each of us to decide what to do when its a constant nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach.

    Such as a muscle being worked and strengthened at the gym, becomes stronger and more powerful, so does ANY of the possibilities listed above. Work it, mixed with balance and spiritual connection and BAM! it too will become more powerful!

    I am a proud card carrying member of the “WOOSTERS” who have been around since the dawn of time. Im not throwing cards or reading tea leaves, Im not swinging a pendulum or massaging a crystal ball……these things that I am believe have ALWAYS been, and only when I began to trust in them did they begin to become stronger.

    We are all walking this walk together…..some side by side, some on opposite sides. Regardless, I believe that we are all entitled to our opinion. Free of anger and hatred. Even though its hidden in sarcasm and snide comments. I help people like a hair dresser does, the doctor, the nurse, the gas attendant, the bartenders, all of whom charge money for their services.

    Try to stand outside any store and hand out money for free…..90 percent will ask what the catch is, and the others will simply ignore you. Sad but true. Kindness works in every situation. I happen to believe strongly in Eric and his abilities. I have personally witnessed the shift and change in him. I respect that he has the moxy to get out there and find out what it all means to him, so he may help others.

    This isnt a pissing match I know, I respect everyones opinions, and may hap we just cant all play in the same sand box.

    Blessings to you all!!!

    MsPeg the biggest WOOSTER of em all!!!!! hehe

  6. Rosestar says:

    I completely agree with Eric on this. Personally speaking when it comes to family and friends I lose my objectivity and this makes things difficult. I know that my children are my weakness although they are all grown and have families of their own, I still will not do readings for family and friends because of this. Eric, I salute you and your courageous and ensightful response.

  7. Eric, consider this.
    We do not know each other. Would you accept to do a reading on me with the same criteria established by bobby?

  8. Jason Korbus says:

    Eric (and other psychics), I have a question about this that will maybe help with my overall understanding.

    Now, I know that it is considered unethical in the paranormal community to charge for ghost investigations. We can’t prove conclusively that a house is haunted, we can’t guarantee removal of any ghosts present, and we have no specific certified training to offer the clients we deal with. We honestly have admitted we have no hardcore proof ghosts even exist at all. I’ve never charged for an investigation for these reasons and others, and it’s rare to find a ghost hunter who feels it is acceptable to charge. Why, then, should someone be able to charge for a psychic reading?

    To me, similar reasons could be given. For instance, no psychic can prove conclusively that they are obtaining information in any type of paranormal manner (or, at least…none have been able to perform their professed abilities under controlled conditions as of this writing). And, again, we have to admit there is no hardcore proof that psi exists. All evidence for ghosts, psychic abilities, etc is anecdotal and has thus far been unconfirmed by peer reviewed controlled scientific experimentation. So, why is it okay to charge for one and not the other? Am interested in your thoughts on this. Thanks for your time.

  9. Wineaux says:

    Personally, I feel that charging money for an ‘ability’ that can’t be proven as being real is completely ridiculous and downright thievery. There’s a huge difference between you, MS Peg, and the “hair dresser does, the doctor, the nurse, the gas attendant, the bartenders,” etc. The difference is their service is something that can be obtained without a shred of doubt. You get a haircut from the hairdresser, you get a check-up on your health from the doctor, you get taken care of at the hospital by the nurse, you get your cars gas from the gas attendant, you get your drinks from the bartender. And what do you get from psychics? You get the idea that they may or may not be communicating with dead people who are telling you vague information that could be associated with almost anybody. A big guessing game is played, indirect questions are asked, and what are considered the most ‘important’ pieces of information are often so generalized that you kinda have to be pretty damn gullible or completely enthralled in the lunacy that is the reading to believe any portion of it.

    This isn’t to say I think all psychics are liars. All psychics I’ve met I’ve found to be liars.

    Given, the answers Eric gave to these challenge questions are pretty vague and not in the least explanatory, I’m interested in seeing how the reading would go if done with the guidelines Bobby has set. Even if it’s not done with Bobby as the subject, since Eric said himself that he wont do it on someone he knows. I’m sure there’s plenty of strangers who would love to volunteer. I definitely wouldn’t mind volunteering for this reading, and I see Shadow of a Doubt has volunteered as well.

    It sounds like this could be a valuable experiment that can help send the psychic community down the right path if Eric is truly what he says he is.

  10. Greg says:


    The only psychic I ever got a reading by told me that I was a “new soul” and that I, myself, had latent psychic abilities. Maybe you will awaken my powers? Let me see how good I am…

    I am sensing that… yes.. it’s coming….

    ..You will not be giving any person in this thread a reading. Yep, that’s what the spirits are telling me.

    How’d I do?

  11. Little Birdie says:

    Eric was heavily coached by mspeg to become a psychic (easy money). No wonder she is here defending eric. That whole relationship is terribly sordid. Eric was lead astray, he knows he’s not psychic and should stop pretending. All his posturing in here was just that, posturing. The part of not giving readings to people you know is malarky. Eric has put his shingle out on various psychic sites (same ones as mspeg, of course, and has been charging, in some cases, over $3 a minute.) There is much more to this story but it is so bad I can’t bring myself to spill it.

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