Interview with Ben Radford – Solving the Mystery of the Chupacabra

You can’t seem to turn on the television anymore without seeing a paranormal themed show propping up average joe’s as science-minded investigators.  Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, along with Destination Truth and Fact or Faked have created a dozen seasons between them of doing just that.  The problem is, the cast members frequently use unsound scientific techniques because they generally just do not have a background in science or investigation.  And to top it off, they never actually seem to solve any mysteries.  Ben Radford, however, does.  With a degree in Psychology, and applying legitimate scientific methodologies, Radford has investigated and solved the 1997 Pokemon panic of Japan, the Santa Fe Courthouse Ghost, and The White Witch of Rose Hall, among others.  He is the managing editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine and the “Bad Science” columnist at  He has published several books, most recently “Scientific Paranormal Investigation,” and “Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore” which offers a detailed history of the creature and claims to put the mystery to rest once and for all.  To learn more about Ben, check him out online at WWW.RADFORDBOOKS.COM

To listen to this interveiw go to: (right click and save target as.)

About Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic
Bobby Nelson is a skeptic, writer, and co-host of Strange Frequencies Radio. His personal blog can be found online at At one time, Bobby was what could be called a "true believer" in paranormal phenomenon. Having been an active investigator of the paranormal for 12 years with several different Toledo based teams, he has examined countless claims of activity. But years worth of research and investigation proved to him that the evidence for these claims are generally lacking and, furthermore, the vast majority of so-called scientific paranormal investigators were using improper methodologies which caused them to draw both false and misleading conclusions.

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