About two weeks ago there was hairless creature found in Frankfort, Kentucky.  The mysterious creature which was found by Mark Cothern was quickly dubbed the ever elusive Chupacabra.

The Chupacabra is said to inhabit Mexico, parts of The United States and Puerto Rico (where it originated).  The name means “sucker of goats” and it is a product of legend and folklore.  It is said that this creature is responsible for draining livestock of blood. 

But cryptozoologists and paranormal enthusiasts don’t get excited yet; its origin is not supernatural, at least not in the case of the Kentucky “chupacabra”.  Thanks to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, biologist Steve Dobey says, “The anatomical features of it, the skeletal features, the general appearances, particularly in this instance the paws, it gives it away. That it is in fact a raccoon.”

What is even more interesting is this isn’t the first time biologists have seen this hairless raccoon.  In 2007 the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife actually caged a live specimen.  However biologists are still interested in studying this dead animal.  Dobey says, “Not to determine the species. We know it’s a raccoon, but to determine what the cause of this is. It’s likely some form of obvious hair loss.”  

Biologists say it is not mange, which has been the case out west with the sudden outbreak of “chupacabra” sightings, most of them turning out to be coyotes with mange. 

In the case of the raccoons this disorder seems to be something similar to alopecia in humans.  Biologists say there are many reasons why a raccoon may lose its hair, for instance it could born without it, it could be some sort of disease, shock or a genetic disorder.

Whichever way you want to look at why this raccoon lost its hair, it is still a raccoon.  So I would like to extend a sorry to the cryptozoologists and myth mongers out there, sorry guys, maybe next time.

About Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic
Bobby Nelson is a skeptic, writer, and co-host of Strange Frequencies Radio. His personal blog can be found online at At one time, Bobby was what could be called a "true believer" in paranormal phenomenon. Having been an active investigator of the paranormal for 12 years with several different Toledo based teams, he has examined countless claims of activity. But years worth of research and investigation proved to him that the evidence for these claims are generally lacking and, furthermore, the vast majority of so-called scientific paranormal investigators were using improper methodologies which caused them to draw both false and misleading conclusions.

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